These 'Game Of Thrones' Quotes Exemplify 2015 Perfectly

The Game of Thrones universe is a surreal universe dominated by unholy alliances, betrayal, and women who can ride dragons. Surely, nothing in our pitiful real world has anything in common with such a world, right? Except for the fact that the Game of Thrones universe is based on the real world, and that our own pop culture universe is sort of like a fight to be on top (or, sitting on the Iron Throne, if you will). Who can look at problems between pop culture divas and not see Cersei Lannister? Or, who can look at bratty pop stars and not see just a glimmer of Joffrey? The characters are so real to us because they are, in fact, very much like real people.

In this post, I will illustrate how Game of Thrones works in a context of our real, star-obsessed lives. This goes hand-in-hand with the truth that we need to keep up with Kardashians, and understand why Adele cut her hair that way, and even watch Donald Glover on Sesame Street over and over and over again. With seven quotes (as an homage to the seven families, get it?) I will illustrate how Game of Thrones is life. I am GoT, you are GoT, and we are GoT all together.

1. "It's the family name that lives on. It's all that lives on." - Tywin Lannister


In 2015, like 2014 and 2013 before it, the Kardashians were everywhere. Put the name Kardashian or Jenner in a headline, and people want to hear about it. And who can blame them?

2. "If you ever call me 'sister' again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep." - Cersei Lannister


Cersei Lannister is sooo not down with being related to Margaery Tyrell in a way that happens to remind me of the drama between drama between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus.

3. "All my life, men like you have sneered at me. And all my life, I've been knocking men like you into the dust." - Brienne of Tarth


You go, Brienne! Not only is Brienne knocking men into the dirt, women have been killing it this year. From Amy Schumer achieving huge success to ladies getting lots of nominations in the Grammys to Serena Williams finally getting the recognition she deserves, this was a year for women!

4. "You know nothing, Jon Snow." - Ygritte


So this one is going to get a little meta. The actor who plays Jon Snow, Kit Harington, doesn't even know what's going to happen to Jon Snow, though we all some him potentially dead at the end of Season 5. So literally, Jon Snow knows nothing about his fate. Ouch, my brain hurts.

5. "I was young and stupid." - Tyrion Lannister


Remember in March 2015 when there was a roast of Justin Bieber on Comedy Central and he was all "is it too late now to say 'sorry'?" for all the crazy nonsense he did as a youngster? He definitely blamed it on being a young celebrity, just like Tyrion Lannister.

7. "There are no men like me." - Jaime Lannister


Though the semi-evil Jaime Lannister is referring to himself in this quote, it can also be applied to Jon Stewart. The man who, upon leaving The Daily Show, broke our hearts and reminded us that he's one in a million. Trevor Noah's great though, of course, and certainly quite lovely and funny too.

So there you have it, a Game of Thrones year in review. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now let's go out and do some more obsessive reading about the Kardashians. Because remember, the nation that obsesses together stays together.


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