The holiday season is in full swing, and if you're looking for presents for anyone who is a little (or a lot) obsessed with Last Week Tonight and its beautiful unicorn host John Oliver, this is the gift guide for you. Since his show started on HBO last year, John Oliver has climbed the ranks as one of television’s funniest and most talented commentators. From his founding of the Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption Church to the awesome way he told off Donald Trump, Oliver is a bit of a 2015 hero, and totally worthy of holiday gifts in his honor.

Not mentioned on this list are an earlier premiere date for Season 3, and tickets to a taping. Last Week Tonight returns for Season 3 on Feb. 14, and although pushing up the premiere date would be the best holiday gift a fan could get, it’s probably not going to happen. Tickets are notoriously hard to get ahold of, even if you live in the New York area (trust me, I've tried). But hopefully, the show will last for many years to come and all you dedicated fans will be able to sit in the audience for a show. In the meantime, these assorted gifts will keep you in comfort until Oliver once again graces screens across the world with his humor and social critique.

John Oliver Pop Figure

John Oliver Pop! Figure, $7, HBO

This adorable figure will bless your desk and inspire you to keep working through even the worst writer's block.

Logo Journal

Logo Journal, $13, HBO

Carry this journal with you everywhere in case inspiration strikes on the go.

Plaid Shirt

Dress Shirt With Tie, $16, Amazon

This awesome shirt/tie combo is a great homage to Oliver's great wardrobe.

Fake Emmy

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fake Statue, $12, Amazon

Pretend to be Oliver with this fake Emmy — just don't be too jealous of his real one.

British Flag

British Union Jack Flag, $2, Amazon

Honor Oliver's home country by hanging a Union Jack on your wall.

Oliver/Wilmore Shirt

Oliver isn't exactly eligible for the presidency, but I have no doubt that this ticket would win the general election. You can buy the shirt on Amazon and keep wishing for a President John Oliver.

Terrifying Times

John Oliver: Terrifying Times, $10, Amazon

Oliver's first stand-up special is a hidden gem and a great throwback to 2008.

Autographed Rolling Stone

If you're a mega-fan and you've got a big gift budget, this autographed copy of Rolling Stone is a great piece of memorabilia.

HBO Now Subscription

John Oliver suspects that you don't pay for HBO, but that should change this holiday season. No more watching clips on YouTube!

Images: Amazon,, Rolling Stone