Don't Miss 'A Very Murray Christmas' Hit Songs

When Netflix announced the production of a one-off special A Very Murray Christmas starring enigmatic actor Bill Murray, my response (and I don't think I'm alone in this) was basically "huh?" That mild confusion was tempered with anticipation, because even in his strangest choices, no one can accuse Murray of ever being boring. A Very Murray Christmas premiered on the streaming service on Dec. 4, and gave fans of the star a new traditional holiday watch to double-feature with Scrooged. In the special, Murray waits out a blizzard in New York City's famed Carlyle Hotel, passing the time by sharing songs with his famous friends. From the funny to the sublime, the soundtrack to the special includes a number of candidates to become modern classic Christmas songs. So, where can you listen to the songs from A Very Murray Christmas ?

Sorry to Scrooge your holiday season, but there is no official soundtrack album available for A Very Murray Christmas. And, Netflix told Bustle there are no official plans to release one. Fortunately, A Very Murray Christmas will remain handy on Netflix for subscribers to watch as many times as they want — or at least to crank up the volume and listen while they decorate the tree and mix hot toddies.

Though a full album isn't on the way, a few individual tracks from the special are obtainable by legal means. Let's call them stocking stuffers.

Phoenix — "Alone On Christmas Day"

Indie rock band Phoenix plays a group of secretly musical chefs on A Very Murray Christmas. Their cover of an unreleased Beach Boys tune is the only song from the special to be officially released as a single. You can stream "Alone On Christmas Day" on Spotify or purchase from iTunes or Amazon, both for $1.29.

Billy Murray — "Christmas Blues"

Murray's own "Christmas Blues" is an angsty Christmas carol for people who don't even really like Christmas.

Miley Cyrus — "Silent Night"

The consensus from critics and fans is that Cyrus straight up killed it in her cameo appearance. Her soaring "Silent Night" is a Secret Santa gift to all the haters. Check it out in Netflix's video above.

The Rest Of The Soundtrack

Unfortunately that's where the legal options to getting the songs ends, kind of. You can watch the above promotional trailer above for snippets of each song, and then you can use this handy DIY soundtrack guide to find the exact moments each song starts during the movie. It'll take a bit of macgyvering, but you really don't want to miss out on some of the movie's gems like, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Bill Murray and Chris Rock, or "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'" feat. George Clooney.

George Clooney: *Can't really sing*

Everybody: *Doesn't really care*

Image: Ali Goldstein/Netflix