Raven Symone's Glitter Brows Could Be A New Trend

What will be the eyebrow trend of 2016? Well, I am thinking strong, full brows a la Cara Delevingne will continue to dominate for another year. But there may be some other trends that assert dominance, like Raven Symone's rainbow glitter eyebrows. The actress shared a photo of her dazzling, sparkling brows on her 30th birthday and they were everything. It should totally inspire you to want to try this look. Perhaps for your New Year's Eve parties?

While you might labor under the illusion that you should stop wearing glitter around the age of 17 and definitely by the age of 21, Symone makes a strong case for doing whatever the heck you want, whenever the heck you want. The outspoken TV host has never been one to adhere to any sort of rules and she is not going to start doing so now that she has hit the big 3-0.

Symone's brows were perfectly shaped and they were multi-colored. They were about as fabulous as it gets. But make no mistake. They were likely done by a makeup artist and will not be easy to recreate. You can try, since there are so many amazing pigments and products out there. But you will need to practice and keep makeup remover wipes close by to clean up the fallout.

Rainbow glitter brows are so fun! I do not recommend plucking or trimming down your brows to get this look. If that thought is crossing your mind, consult a professional aka a brow specialist at a salon.

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But if you want to get all artsy and craftsy in your bathroom and have the patience to try this look, these products should get you started. Also, be sure to use cosmetic glitters; do not head to the local craft store to use that sort of glitter. It was not formulated for your face.

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MAC Pigments are loose powders with rich color payoff. They are $22, but you can use them in so many different ways. If you are serious about glitter brows, you can start here and mix a bunch for a rainbow effect. Expect it to get messy, but hey! Isn't that what makes it fun?

You want to get a blue...

....a green...

... and a red/orange. You can mix them up for a custom rainbow look.

MAC's Mixing Medium is a pro product but will help you create a formula that sticks.

You can also stock up on loose glitters at Sally Beauty. They are a steal at just 99 cents a piece. That's a cheap way to play with the trend. You can also use a touch of eyelash adhesive to get the loose glitters or pigments to stick to your brow hairs.

Just be careful and read all labels, since you are working near your precious eyes.

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