Melanie Griffith's Unfiltered Selfie At 58 Is Inspiring No Matter Your Age — PHOTO

No filter, no worries, no problem. Kudos to actress Melanie Griffith, who posted a no filter selfie at the age of 58. The actress, who recently finalized her divorce from longtime hubby, actor Antonio Banderas, and who is the mother of 50 Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson, was super face positive. With one Instagram photo, she was a wonderful source of inspo, no matter what your age. In fact, Griffith even sarcastically invited haters to make comments about her filter-free selfie.

Griffith also captioned the photo, where her face is framed by blond ringlets, by noting that she is playing the role of a mom in her latest project. She is not apologizing for anything in her life and she shouldn't. She looks great. In a business that doesn't always encourage accepting actresses "as is," especially as they get older, it was refreshing burst of honesty that trickles down to women IRL.

Overall, the photo was an amazing statement for the actress, who shot to fame in the '80s in films like Working Girl, to make to her Insta followers. While there have been plenty of rumors about Griffith getting plastic surgery over the years, you can't help but love her for sharing this post.

Griffith doesn't care what anyone thinks. More power her to her for skipping the filter. It's also about the here and the now. Griffith is offering inspo for women ages 18, 28, or 68 to ditch the filter and post a natural pic.

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Griffith and Johnson are quite a mother-daughter duo in all black. I can't help but give two enthusiastic thumbs up to the trend where women over-50 are being celebrated as icons and are fronting beauty campaigns. Think Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Rampling for NARS. Maybe there is a beauty or a fashion endorsement in Griffith's future.

There's Griffith (in the center) in her breakout role as Tess in Working Girl.

There she is in Something Wild.

Again, props to Griffith for having the confidence to share a filter-less selfie.

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