Beyonce's Instagram Frenzy Changed the Game of Self-Promotion. Again.

If you happen to be one of the 9.2 million people who follow Beyoncé on Instagram, you probably felt #blessed by the flood of #tbt pics she posted yesterday. For such a busy woman, you have to wonder what made the unstoppable ***force of nature take the time to post so many pics and take a walk down memory lane. My theory: the pics are actually another iteration of her visual album.

Seriously. Maybe it's Yoncé telling us how this album is a true representation of herself as its something that is a product of her entire career up to this point. Or maybe she really was just looking through her immense catalog of old photos and felt like posting the ones that made her smile the most. Yoncé, she's just like us! But really, the similarities of the Instagram snaps to the accompanying videos and photos of her visual album are striking... and if it wasn't planned (it's Beyoncé, of course it was planned), then it's quite the coincidence.

And just like that she figured out yet another way to promote her album (via not-so-subliminal subliminal messaging) without commercial promotions or sponsorships. Take a look.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram

"Grown Woman"

The difference between this photo and “Grown Woman” is that we don’t actually see Beyonce of the past singing a current Beyonce tune. Less creepy, but just as nostalgic.

"Drunk in Love"

“Sports Illustrated 2007 #tbt”— But really, she’s just hangin’ until Jay shows up and they can “dance” on the beach.


“Harper’s Bazaar 2011 #tbt” — Did this photo shoot also entail some seriously messed up hotel rooms?


Simply, “tbt” —Hey, after a long day of mama-ing all over the tropics, you need to let loose a bit, no?


The flowing black fabric and the wooden drum match dually ethereal and tribal motifs of the video for “Mine.”


In her own words, “Let me sit this asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss on you.”


Looks like “W Magazine 2011” may have inspired the album’s most neon-sex-centric video.

"Pretty Hurts"

It sure does, especially by the looks of the corset.


Yoncé. Check.

Sheer bootyliscious-ness. Check. Check.

"No Angel" / "Yoncé"/"***Flawless"

It might not be the streets of NOLA, but this shot certainly evokes the mood and feel of “No Angel.” The animalistic pose also rings true to the “Yoncé” video. OR is it a tip of the hat to the speech on feminism laced into the middle of “***Flawless” !? Either way, it’s (Sasha) FIERCE.

"Heaven" - the chapel scenes

Beyoncé’s heartbreaking track about loss and grief is equally powerful as it is delicate and sweet. The two photos she posted last night of her late friend Aaliyah also match the video in its juxtaposition between mourning in a chapel and flashbacks to a friend lost.

"Heaven" - the friendship scenes

Smile. Cry. All of it.