How To Dry Socks Without A Dryer

by Lindsey Rose Black

Winter weather means occasionally stepping into some seriously sloshy puddles that can leave even the most waterproof socks totally soaked. If you're like me and have to go to a laundromat for a dryer, it's good to know how to dry socks without one so you're prepared whenever a puddle tragedy strikes. These alternative ways to dry your socks fast are surprisingly simple, easy, and effective.

I first discovered just how necessary it would be to know how to dry socks without a dryer last winter. Manhattan has these slanted curbs that fill up with icy water sludge and it's completely impossible to know how a deep a puddle actually is. One seemed pretty shallow when I was on my way to work and I just walked through it. Big mistake. I ended up ankle-deep in disgusting, murky, freezing cold water (and God knows what else) and had no time to turn around and change my socks.

Thanks to a quick googling sesh once I got the office, I was seriously relieved to discover just how easy it would be to pop off my socks and get them dry before my first meeting. #Praise

Don't doom yourself so wet socks after trekking through snow and follow these hacks below next time you land in a puddle!

1. Towel Roll

CyclePeter broke down a great way to get socks dry without any electricity at all. You just need a large towel. Lay the towel on the ground, place your socks on top, and roll up the socks tightly in the towel. Then, stand on top of the rolled up towel (carefully) for about a minute. Rotate the rolled towel and repeat standing on it ( you want to hit all angles!). Afterward, unroll and you should discover your socks are much, much more dry! Follow up with the bow dryer strategy below if they're still damp at all.

2. Blowdryer

You can dry socks off quickly by blasting them with a blowdryer. This is the trick I used at work (our office bathroom luckily had a blowdryer!), and the whole process should take about ten to fifteen minutes total.

3. Heater

This method takes the longest, but requires you to do next to nothing. Just hang your socks over a radiator or boiler, and rotate them after a half hour to make sure the whole sock gets contact with the toasty air. After about an hour, your socks should be good to go!

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Images: Linda N., mason bryant, Conal Gallagher/Flickr