'Orange Is the New Black' Helps One of Its Own

Crowd-sourcing websites like Kickstarter have their critics, but when it comes to raising quick funds for someone in need, there's no denying the power of the Internet. And so it was when the cast, crew, and fans of Orange is the New Black took to social media to help raise money for Michelle Hurst, better known as OITNB's Miss Claudette, who is suffering serious injuries after a car accident.

According to the fundraising page, Hurst just recently woke up after a 16-day medically-induced coma, during which time doctors conducted surgery on her spine. The page, set up by an unknown administrator, originally asked for $5,000 for Hurst's medical funds. When that number was reached within hours, a new goal of $20,000 was set. Just a day later, over $13,000 has been raised.

Details of Hurst's accident and condition are unknown, but the page states that the actress is in the ICU for recovery, "progressing slowly, but progressing!" The administrator also writes that Hurst "has opened her eyes" and is "responsive."

The news of Hurst's accident is heartbreaking, but it's uplifting to know that so many people have come on board to help the actress recover. Thanks to tweets from fellow OITNB cast members like Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, and Matt McGorry, the fundraising page was able to meet its goals in no time at all. It's a testiment both to the power of social media and the love fans have for Orange is the New Black and its cast members. Hopefully, Hurst will get well soon and be back on the show as the strict, caring Miss Claudette before long.

To donate to Hurst's fundraising page, click here.

Image: Netflix