What To Wear During Finals Week So You Feel Comfortable & Stylist

It's the most beautiful time of the year: procrastination, caffeine, midnight snack breaks, flash cards aplenty. While December translates to the jolly holidays (read: freedom), it also unfortunately means dressing for finals season, which often equals sweatpants and pajamas. And more sweatpants. And hey, that's not so bad, but why not look stylish while you're at it?

If you're anything like me, you have eventually reached that point in your collegiate career where you have become so stressed about exams that you are eerily calm about it. That ten-page essay on television's political economy? The deadline is in less than five days, but the college junior mindset has you operating on "that can wait for tomorrow" mode. Luckily, there are stressbusters designed to combat against the inevitable mental breakdowns that arise from finals season: curl up with a relaxing read or treat yourself to an at-home manicure — the options are endless.

For me, an integral part of keeping your cool during study mode is actually in the sartorial realm. What you wear externally can affect your performance internally. As I have learned over the years, comfort is key to ensuring you ace your exams. If your body is at peace, then so is your mind. It's about time you get schooled in the art of dressing for final season — and may you achieve the 4.0 of your dreams.

1. Sweatshirts

ASOS Queen Of Naps Sweatshirt, $51, asos.com

Repeat after me: Sweatshirts are a college girl essential. The beauty of the sweatshirt comes from its versatility — feel free to dress it down for when you're cramming vocab words at home or amp it to the next level with a denim jacket and scarf if you need to make a sushi takeout run. The secret to keeping sweatshirts on chic status is to stick to contemporary styles — pop culture phrases and modern cuts especially make it more runway-friendly.

2. Sweatpants

Object Contrast Sweatpants, $32, asos.com

There was a period of time when sweatpants were deemed "trendy", then branded a fashion outcast — but now, they're making an unstoppable comeback.

3. Beanies

Free People Printed Grizzly Beanie, $24, freepeople.com

As the winter chills descend and there are projects to complete and chapters to cram, beanies become your new guardian angels. How many times have you sacrificed precious morning time in exchange for a few more Zs? Sleeping past your alarm means you'll have less time to style your hair — but that's where beanies enter the picture. Simply plop on your trusty beanie to mask that inevitable bedhead (your secret is safe with me).

4. Sneakers

Topshop Copenhagen Sneakers, $35, topshop.com

Ensure that your feet stay comfortable and at ease with a pair of crisp white sneakers. No one wants to be worrying about pinching flats (ouch) or complicated lace-up thigh-highs when they've got a semester's worth of homework to catch up on.

5. Pajamas

ASOS Elephant Pajama Set, $33, asos.com

Yes, you should reward yourself with a cute pair of pajamas around finals season — and why, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple: New pajamas will remind you to do the one activity every college student forgos at this time — sleep. Beauty rest is crucial.

6. Scarves

ASOS Oversized Houndstooth Scarf, $25, asos.com

Never underestimate the power of the scarf. They easily disguise a hastily-concocted outfit and keep you toasty and warm under the classroom AC. My scarf of the moment is anything houndstooth.

7. Socks

Modcloth Keep On Luckin' Socks, $9.99, modcloth.com

When you're in the comforts of your own room, feel free to break out the wacky socks. Everyone needs a touch of fun while they are internally destroyed by the combo of writer's block, deadlines, and sleepiness, right?

Seven ways to dress for finals, seven ways to ace your finals — best of luck on your exams.

Images: Courtesy Brands