9 Wooden Handbags To Celebrate The Dawning Of A New Novelty Accessory — PHOTOS

Earlier in December, Women's Wear Daily reported the dawning of a new age for the novelty accessory: The wooden handbag. According to WWD, wood is fashion's new favorite unusual handbag material, following in the footsteps of durable mediums like Lucite and Plexiglass.

While the wooden handbag might prove itself to be the new aesthetic of the moment, it's certainly not its first time in the sun. A quick search through vintage sellers on Etsy will show you that there exist plenty of wooden options from the '50s and '60s. The purses from these decades reminded me of one handbag designer who may have set the bar for wooden tote-ables. Her name was Enid Collins, and she was a design student at Texas Women's University in the '40s. Collins created one of the iconic handbag silhouettes of her time, the wooden box bag, and her pieces are still sought-after today.

Considered collector items, those particular bags are hard to come by; but luckily, the box bag's vintage counterparts and modern reinterpretations can still be easily located on sites like Etsy and eBay. Since the material might float back into fashion's consciousness in the near future, now's the perfect time to scout out some incredible pieces before they disappear with the growing trend. Here are some Etsy shops already carrying them in the meantime.

1. HolgaArt

Wooden Shoulder Bag, $49, Etsy

Simple, sleek, and affixed with a shoulder chain strap, this moderately priced handbag was totally handmade. HolgaArt also has a number of other awesome wooden accessories, including a large wrist cuff and a surprisingly delicate wooden ring.

2. ShopKingDude

Timothy Woods Beverly Hills Purse, $199, Etsy

This Etsy shop carries a number of vintage handbags (including some great beaded pieces), but this avant garde shell-shaped clutch is the real standout. Hand-carved from wood, then treated with a glossy finish, this piece could take a minimal outfit to the next level.

3. AmoreDolce

Vintage Folding Bamboo Basket Purse, $85, Etsy

Made entirely from bamboo, this vintage Japanese piece is likely large enough to carry all of your stuff, and artistic enough to be displayed on your shelves when you aren't using it.

4. BlueRibbonObjects

Clear Acrylics Natural Wood Bag, $145, Etsy

Handmade from wood, acrylic, and metal, these adorable see-through bags seem to call back to the architectural details of urban environments. It's another piece that you can proudly display as art in your home, then pack it with a lipstick, smartphone, and credit card when you want to make a statement.

5. UCCVintage

Vintage 1960's Unique Hammered Egg Carved Wood Latch Top Purse, $48, Etsy

This '60s gem boasts unique notches all over its body, and the inside is fully lined. Sure, it's got a few superficial flaws, but that's all part of the charm of shopping vintage.

6. Ruby Dust Vintage

Wooden Bamboo Hinged Purse, $25, Etsy

I remember my grandmother having a bag similar to this, and this version features braided wood with bamboo woven throughout. Plus, despite the fact that it was made over 50 years ago, it's large enough to carry all of your modern-day necessities.

7. Meanglean

Shinichi Miyazaki Wood Handbag, $125, Etsy

This vintage Japanese handbag has a really unique handle and shape, and also boasts some peculiar markings on its surface. This combined with the fact that the top opens like a lid seals the deal: This just might be the most unique and beautiful wooden bag on the list.

8. CamelotVintage

Mid Century Victorian Lucite Wooden Box Purse, $94, Etsy

This stunning piece of handbag art was handcrafted from wood and lucite, and features (gasp) pink velvet lining and its own small mirror on the interior. If you love all things ornate, this might be the wooden bag for you; and if not you, definitely alert one of your fancy, vintage-loving friends.

9. NostalgicArtifacts

Mid Century Wooden Handbag, $118, Etsy

Created by the V.H. Woolums Company in St. Petersburg, Florida, this amazing clutch is actually made from several types of wood: Maple, poplar, cedar, magnolia, New Guinea wood, walnut, figured gum, and mahogany. If nothing else, this is probably the most elaborate design you'll come across; and imagine how good this would look with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized button down.

If WWD's predictions are correct, wooden bags are going to be everywhere in the coming months. But even if the trend doesn't pick up, it doesn't matter: Novelty bags like this are their own kind of amazing, and every purse-lover should have at least one in their collection.

Images: Courtesy Brands