5 Little Ways To Make 2016 The Best Year Yet

At some point in your life, you’ve probably set some New Year’s resolutions — exercise more, read more books, floss every day, and make the bed. You’ve probably also bailed on a New Year’s resolution or two, because life happens, and things change, and the new season of Game Of Thrones starts, and the whole plan to become a neon-clad gym rat falls by the wayside. So, what are some easy New Year's resolutions that we can stick to that actually have a meaningful impact on our lives? Check out these five ways to kick ass in 2016 with resolutions you can actually keep.

I find that the best kinds of resolutions are resolutions that are both specific and rewarding. So embrace the little victories, and challenge yourself to be the best version of you that you can. Nobody’s perfect, but you’re a darn good canvas, whoever you are.

And, by all means, be real with yourself. If you know you’re never going to have the time to walk 10 miles a day, then don’t dilute yourself into promising the person in the mirror that you will. Breaking self-promises is an enormous bummer, so keep your resolutions staunchly within the realm of the arguably feasible. Here they are, the five absolutely doable and infinitely adjustable resolutions for dominating 2016 right from the start.

1. Educate Yourself

You’re never too old to learn. Enter Spright, a site that offers online courses on concepts like mindful eating, training for a 5K, and more! Its month-long courses, which can be taken from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal, are each taught by an expert in his or her respective field, and incorporate one-on-one coaching with group instruction. Students can chat with trainers or classmates through Spright’s chat platform, and instructors send daily emails and challenges that help students reach their goals. Courses are now open for enrollment, and are $19.95 each. Spright also recently launched a podcast called Over Easy, which covers loads of topics from popular workout app Classpass to Ronda Rousey. Check it out wherever you download podcasts!

2. Find Your Center

Everyone has something that allows them to be fully present in their mind, providing a mini-vacation from the chaos of everybody else’s problems. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s cooking a well-rounded meal, or maybe yoga is more your thing. Whatever it is that washes away the outside world and brings you to your personal center, make that magical activity a priority in your life. Or, if you haven’t yet pinned down what exactly you do to massage your brain, actively seek its discovery. Try knitting, learn to meditate, or start swimming laps. You’ll be so thrilled when you put your “you time” to such a productive use.

3. Set Goals For Adventure

Life can be full of adventures, if you make them a priority. In the coming year, try some new foods, or explore a nearby neighborhood that you’ve never really explored before. If you have the time and the money to travel, do it! I discovered that my cooking chops increased exponentially as I experienced new foods from from all corners of the earth (or, more specifically, the corners of the city of Los Angeles). I also find that trying new things is an awesome way to spend time with loved ones. You don’t have to go on a skydiving date every time you want to create a totally new memory with your partner, but if you haven’t tried it (and it doesn't totally freak you out), you could totally do that. Have one adventure per week in 2016, and see how far that takes you.

4. Do That Thing You've Been Putting Off

That novel that you started that you never finished — it wants you back. Make 2016 the year that you finally start your all-girls Michael Jackson cover band. Our passion projects can get so lost in the noise of day jobs and obligations that we never actually finish, or worse, even start them. Exercising the creative part of your brain will make you a better and faster problem solver, which your supervisors at your day job are sure to notice. Plus, who knows, you might discover that your ceiling of success in your art is a lot higher than you initially assumed.

5. Give Back

You don’t have to have or donate large sums of money to give back to your community. WhatFriendsDo is a free online tool that allows friends and family to come together and support a loved one going through a major life event, be it a new baby, or a cancer diagnosis. Its calendar allows teams to organize things like transportation to appointments to figuring out who’s cooking dinners. WhatFriendsDo also offers tips and ideas for reaching out to a friend that’s going through a tough time with icebreakers, jokes, or thoughtful messages, because sometimes it’s tough to know what to say. When people invest in their communities and the people in them, even if it’s just with small chunks of time, it is astounding how quickly everyone is elevated together. So, get out there and do something good in 2016.

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