This 'Frozen' Music Medley Will Melt Your Heart

For something that's called Frozen, this movie is really, really heartwarming. Who knew! Of course, the reason of this is, in large part, because of the music: Frozen really featured a lot of great original songs (one so good, it was nominated for an Oscar just yesterday) that it's almost too hard to pick which one is a favorite. So, in the event that you decide to record a totally endearing and charming cover video because you're got a kickass voice and want to show it off, what track do you choose? Luckily, when recording new, perfect Frozen music cover, Pentatonix and Kirstie Maldonado just went with "all of them."

First off — if you think you're not familiar with Pentatonix, you probably actually are: They're an a cappella group that's a total YouTube sensation, and response for that one awesome video from last year where they literally recorded every single Beyoncé hit song in the span of six minutes. And you know, Bey has a lot of hit songs! It's pretty impressive.

Back to this video: It's not a cappella like a lot of their other videos, but it is extremely well done — and a lot of wigs. Trust me, you want to watch this video.

Check it out below.

Image: Disney