9 Hair Bow Tutorials To Follow If You're Looking To Up Your Festive Hair Game — PHOTOS

If you're looking for a pretty and festive hairstyle to rock at the family Christmas party, these hair bow tutorials are going to give you life. Hair bows are a fun, feminine look for the holidays that everyone — even your really old grandmother — will think is totally chic.

Hair bows are surprisingly easy and versatile. You can do a hair bow top knot, a half-up-half-down hair bow, incorporate braids, ponytails — the possibilities are really endless. What's more, you can create a hair bow with almost any length or texture of hair, and all you need is a hair elastic, a few bobby pins, and a couple mirrors. A small compact mirror and a larger mirror (like a bathroom mirror) works great. Depending on how thick your hair is, you may need to use all or half of your hair to create a bow. It's also really easy to deconstruct at the end of the night, so you won't wince as you're undoing the bow.

I've found that having extremely straight or extremely curly hair works best for this 'do, but with a little bit of hairspray and product, any hair type can be styled into an adorable bow.

Here are my favorite hair bow tutorials.

1. Half-Up Hair Bow

Luxy Hair on YouTube

A smaller (cuter!?!) bow for a half-back hairstyle. If you want to make a subtle statement, this look is it.

2. Top Bow

Howcast on YouTube

This is a high, glamorous hair bow that will switch up your top knot look. Remember to hairspray your hair away from your face before starting to keep stray hairs from falling.

3. For Long Hair

CinthiaTruong on YouTube

If you don't have time to run your long hair through hot tools, this tutorial will help you create a bow on the run.

4. Hair Bow With An Upside Down French Braid

Bebexo on YouTube

OK, you're probably going to need to enlist some help for this one (thankfully, the end result is so worth it). Your 12-year-old cousins are the perfect volunteers, and your family will thank you for entertaining them!

5. For Natural Hair

Babilon Kay on YouTube

This tutorial has a braided middle knot that is funky, yet still feminine. This is a quick and easy tutorial that only requires bobby pins and an elastic.

6. The Subtle Bow

This is an adorable, minimal take on the half-up big hair bow. It's easy, casual, and could work with wavy hair.

7. For Short Hair

Amandapatt09 on YouTube

Barely there hair can still do a bow! It may be teeny tiny, but that makes it even cuter. Grab a few extra bobby pins for this one.

8. Pigtail Bows

ROSEBUD on YouTube

I love these long, curly pigtails with bows at the knot. Keep the ponytails snug and remember to tease your hair at the band to keep the bows in place.

9. Ponytail Bow

Bebexo on YouTube

This is another one that looks even better when it's a little messy, so don't worry about getting it perfect.

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Image: Luxy Hair/YouTube