Is Astra Kara's Mom On 'Supergirl'? The General Dropped Some Heavy Hints

I swear, it's not just because a new Star Wars comes out this week, but was anyone else getting some "No, I am your mother" vibes from Laura Benanti on the Supergirl finale Monday right? The General finally returned with a lot of revelations — including the distinct possibility that Astra is Kara's mom on Supergirl. Am I the only one picking that up?

First, Astra alluded to Alura (say that five times fast) not being Kara's mother. Okay. Then, we learned that the two of them had a loving relationship back in the day. Astra cares very deeply about Kara and her safety. I'm not sure what it would accomplish in the story for Kara to be Astra's daughter instead of Alura's. It would be nice for Kara to have her real mother back, even if it was someone she opposed — but having an aunt she used to be close to is pretty much the same. It would help carry on Alura's legacy from the comics, in which she did survive Krypton's destruction.

Besides that, flashbacks revealed that Astra is basically an ecoterrorist. She was aware that the planet Krypton was dying and wanted its leaders to become more aware. In her eyes, Alura is the one who sentenced a whole race of people to death. Alura did use young Kara to entrap Astra, so she's definitely not winning any Krypton Sister of the Planet trophies. We also learned that Astra has remarried one of her lieutenants named Non and then used the classic "I want you to catch me" villain technique to distract the heroes from behind the walls of a glass cage, while Non and his minions took over National City.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS