9 Best Hat Hairstyles For Wind & Rain To Help Your Strands Stay In Place — PHOTOS

When windy weather is blowing your hair all over the place, it can be tempting to just cut it all off (which would be totally awesome if that's what you want to do!). But, before you make a hair appointment, consider trying out the best hat hairstyles for wind and rain that will help keep your hair in place and still look gorgeous. I know there is nothing more annoying than strands of hair getting slapped into your face and sticking to lip balm as soon as you walk out the door, but these styles will let you actually enjoy being outside.

And to you long-haired ladies out there, I promise I understand your struggle even though I'm rocking the lob now. This time last year, my hair was halfway down my back and hot (hot) pink. I would get so frustrated by the wind tunneling down avenues in Manhattan that I more or less resigned myself to low buns and beanies.

Luckily, my friend Lisa who is a total Pinterest hair master stepped in and helped me shake up my hat hair routine. Thanks to braids, bobby pins, and a little creativity, Lisa helped me realize just how many possibilities are out there when it comes to hat hairstyles when you're dealing with wind!

Just like my friend Lisa, beauty YouTubers also know what's up and I've scouted out the very best tutorial videos for you. Farewell, lip balm-stuck hair!

1. Classic Pigtails

All Things Hair – US (A Unilever Channel) on YouTube

For shorter hair, pig tails are the perfect option to keep hair secured in place. Longer hair might still blow around some, but it would also look pretty cute!

2. Side Bun

CurlsBeauty on YouTube

CurlsBeauty breaks down five different looks in her brief tutorial, but the secured side bun is definitely my favorite option to turn a beanie bun into something elegant.

3. Kinked Pigtails

For longer hair, kinked pigtails will hold your hair in place and also give you a super trendy vibe.

4. Halo Braid

Luxy Hair on YouTube

Nothing is as secure as a wraparound halo braid and it will stay 100 percent out of your face thanks to bobby pins. Pop a hat on top to stay extra warm.

5. Framed Fishtail

Braidsandstyles12 on YouTube

This fishtail braid is perfect for long hair. It starts by framing your face and taking care of any bangs, and then braids down into a beautiful and secure fish tail.

6. Front Pouf

Abigail Martina on YouTube

For short natural hair, this front pouf style is an easy go-to. popping a beanie or fedora on behind the pouf will lock it in place no matter how windy the weather gets.

7. All Curled Up

Megan Bowen on YouTube

If your hair is in a pretty short bob, sometimes it's best to just curl it all up into bantu knot waves and pop a fedora on top. Your hair might blow into your face a bit, but the added bounciness will help you brush it out of the way more easily.

8. Low Ballet Bun

Kalyn Nicholson on YouTube

Instead of a messy knot, follow Kalyn Nicholson's vid on how to create a sleek and chic low ballet bun for under your winter Panama hat or beanie.

9. Sleek Side Braid

Sylvia Jade on YouTube

To look pulled together in an instant, a simple side braid elevates a beanie into a clean and professional look.

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Images: All Things Hair-US