The Ultimate Donald Trump Gag Gift Guide

For many, the current election cycle has been the most peculiar and astonishing of our lives, and more people are following it than ever before. While it remains to be seen what that means for our country, it does make the holidays easier. If you've been gathering with your friends to watch and jeer at every Republican debate, then you already have the perfect gift lined up. This holiday season, give your friends the gift of Donald Trump — because who are we kidding, he's half the reason you watch the debates. If you're not sure what Trump-inspired gift would garner the most laughs, then don't worry. We've got you covered.

Of course, if you want your gift to be a hit, don't go with any earnest options, like actual Trump-endorsed merchandise. If you give your pal that red "Make America Great Again" hat, you might not be pals for much longer. Basically, think about what your friend would want to bring to the next debate gathering. If your gift is going to make them look like they've suddenly had a lobotomy and are now pro-Trump, then you've missed the point entirely. If your gift is going to elicit a round of hearty laughter from everyone because it cleverly mocks Trump, then mission accomplished.

Here's the only Donald Trump gag gift guide you'll need this holiday season.

Trump Toilet Paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper, $12, Amazon

What better way to stick it to Trump than to wipe your behind with his smug face? Trump toilet paper is perfect for those who truly loathe the man.

Donald Trump Cheesy Christmas Sweatshirt

Make Christmas Great Again Sweatshirt, $35, Etsy

This '80s-style sweatshirt is the perfect quirky choice for that one friend who has a penchant for cheesy holiday sweaters.

Donald Trump Cushion

Trump Hair Don't Care Pillow, $34, Z azzle

If you have hair like the Donald, the least you can do is embrace it with this "Trump Hair Don't Care" pillow. The most you can (and should) do is shave your head.

Donald Trump Piñata

Donald Trump Pinata, $59, Amazon

After Trump's disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants, the production and sale of Trump piñatas skyrocketed. Bring one of these to the next GOP debate, because clobbering Trump and eating candy is a winning combination.

Donald Trump Christmas Card

Donald Trump Card, $3, Zazzle

Donald Trump as an angel? Now that's rich.

Trump Cufflinks

Trump Cufflinks, $13, Etsy

Make any outfit cheesier — and creepier — with tiny Trump faces.

Donald Trump Pickle Jar

Donald Trump Pickle Jar, $5, Etsy

The description for this item reads: "What's more scary than Donald Trump becoming President? His pickled head staring at you." I have a better question: Is there anything better than eating Donald Trump pickles during the next debate? Answer: No.

Donald Trump Deez Nuts T-Shirt

Deez Nutz T-Shirt, $20, Look Human

The only possible scenario in which many Americans would want to see Trump as president is if his running mate were Deez Nuts. Or vice versa.

Donald Trump Stress Reliever

Trump Stress Reliever, $9, eBay

Any time you're feeling stressed out, just give Donald Trump's head a nice squeeze.