How To Get Free Wendy’s Frostys For A Year & Help An Excellent Cause At The Same Time

What would you do if I told you there was a way for you to get free Wendy’s Frostys for a year? Me, I’d start dreaming about all the fries just waiting to be dipped in that mountain of chocolatey goodness. And hey, guess what? Those dreams are about to become a reality, thanks to the Wendy’s National Frosty Key Tag Program. There’s a caveat, of course; technically those Frostys won’t be free free. But they’ll so cheap they may as well be — and besides, the money you will spend will largely be going to an excellent cause. Everybody wins!

Here’s how it works: From now until the end of 2015, Frosty Key Tags will be available for purchase for the low, low price of $1 at participating Wendy’s locations. $0.90 from every key tag sold will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, helping the hundreds of thousands of children waiting in North America’s foster care systems find permanent homes. Once you’ve got one of those key tags in your hot little hands (or on your hot little keychain, as the case may be), you’re eligible for a free Jr. Frosty with every order of at least $1 throughout 2016. So, again—not totally free, but super, super cheap, comparatively speaking. And, as Delish noted, “It’s hard to complain about this small caveat when the promotion benefits charity.” Hear, hear.

The key tags launched on Dec. 1, which coincided with this year’s Giving Tuesday. Said Wendy’s Vice President of Brand Marketing Liz Geraghty in a press release, “We hope consumers will embrace Giving Tuesday and the holiday season as a time to make a difference in the lives of children waiting in foster care. It’s unacceptable that 130,000 children in North America won’t have permanent, loving families to spend the holidays with, and we are passionately working to change this reality so that all children can have the childhood they deserve.”

The last day the tags will be available for purchase is Dec. 31, so that leaves you just over two weeks to nab one. And then? Sweet, sweet Frostys for an entire year. Heck. And yes.

Image: Wendy's/Facebook