Could Santa Be A Woman? These Kids' Answers Might Surprise You — VIDEO

Typically when there's a video making its way around the Internet featuring cute children talking about something, it's meant to show us how close-minded adults are and how we should all learn from the flexible and sympathetic hearts of children. But in this video, where English kids were asked if Santa could be a woman, the answers are not the kind that will make you do a progressive feminist jig. In fact, it will make you pretty bummed that children are not very good at re-conceptualizing ideas that make sense to them: men = good at everything. women = good at cooking.

The stereotype that men are more fit and capable than women are is all too easy to buy into, because we constantly perpetuate it. The little girls in the video are unable to imagine Santa as a female, because what they have been told about men is that they are big, strong, smart, and efficient. How could a woman carry all those gifts? How could a woman find her way across the world? Especially with a bouncing baby on her knee. Well, perhaps she'd have an easier time down the chimney? Those are the types of questions these children were asking themselves when prompted.

But maybe what's most frustrating about this video, is the fact that little children with British accents are so frickin' cute, it's hard to be disappointed by their answers. And while the answers in this video might be a bummer, seemingly showing that the next generation's understanding of gender roles are less progressive than ours, it's a perfect spark video. It will give parents an opportunity to talk to their children about gender roles and redefining the narrow image of women. It's a good starting point for a conversation, and as long as people are talking about it, we're moving forward. Here are a few highlights:

Could A Lady Do Santa's Job?

The kids reacted to this question like it was absurd. They were all "hell nah".

Well, Why Not?

Do they think she would get lost because she's a woman and women are not knowledgeable about direction? Or are these kids looking at this scenario like anyone new who stepped in to take Santa's job might have trouble filling his boots? I don't think they even know.

Women And Headaches

... Are men immune to migraines?

Well, A Lady Might Be Better At This ...

According to these (painfully adorable) kids, women are weak and directionless and only good at being bossy. #Bless us all.

Watch the full video here:

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