The New 'Game Of Thrones' Ale Is Westeros-Approved

by Courtney Lindley

Is your throat feeling a little dry while you wait for Season 6 of HBO's mind-numbingly popular fantasy show? I don't blame you. Thankfully, Brewery Ommegang’s latest new Game of Thrones beer label and bottle are debuting exclusively on Bustle, and it will make you eager to get your hands on this new Westeros-approved blend. The Game of Thrones inspired brew is a "Hoppy Wheat Ale" with 6.9 percent alcohol by volume. In other words, it's the perfect companion to any and all of your Game of Thrones drinking games. Or the perfect companion to your "why is this hiatus so long, HBO are you trying to kill me, I need a drink" games. (Drink responsibly, folks.)

Ommegang describes the beer as a "traditional Belgian-style wheat ale" that is "happily wed to citrusy, herbal American hops, yielding wheat maltiness, and moderate bitterness, white alluring fruit aromas and full-hop flavors." If you remember correctly, this isn't Ommegang's first entrance into the world of a Game of Thrones/ alcohol mashup. The brewery is also responsible for Valar Marghulis Dubbel Ale, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, and Take the Black Stout, and, just recently, the Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison. (Which has since been thankfully approved by Bustle's own connoisseurs.) Yes, you'll be happy to know that, so far, all of them have been both clever and delicious — which means it's OK to have high hopes for this latest blend.

The beverage will be available on March 2016, but, until then, feel free to feast your eyes on the Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale bottle and label below.

As you await Season 6's premiere date in April 2016, it's probably a good idea to have at least a few of these beers on deck. No judgement here. These are hard times for those of us left wondering the fate of Jon Snow.

Images: HBO; Brewery Ommegang