7 Lo Bosworth Gift Guide Picks That Will Save You This Christmas

With less than two weeks until Christmas, panic mode is kicking in for many shoppers. Thankfully, Lo Bosworth finally released her gift guide, and it's the most practical one I've seen yet. Filled with things that your friends will actually appreciate and, even better, are still available in stores, this trendy blogger is saving the day when it comes to last minute shopping.

When it comes to celebrity gift guides, the items are usually way out of my price range, hard to find in the stores, or sold out, which is what makes Bosworth's round-up so convenient. Instead of giving you exact items to shop for your friends and family, she gives you ideas instead. She's like the fairy godmother of gifting!

The blogger put together hand-picked roundups for your BFF, mother, and the beauty lovers of your life. From clothing to little knick knacks, there really is something for everyone to love on her list. Not only does Bosworth pick out the best gift ideas for all the special people in your life, she includes a separate gift guide for yourself, too. Because you need to treat yourself every now and then, don't you? Check out some of her best gift ideas below, and get to shopping!

1. Pretty Kitchen Supplies

Nourish, Anthropologie, $28

In the words of Bosworth, "food tastes better when made with beautiful things." I couldn't agree more, and her handpicked adorable kitchen supplies are perfect for any kitchen-lover's list.

2. Pieces To Update Your Mom's Wardrobe

Panama Hat, Nordstrom, $29

This could mean something different to anyone, which is what makes it such a god idea. Sometimes we get more wrapped up in what people need instead of what they want, so why not help spice up mom's look?

3. Something Pretty

Personalized Friend Necklace, Etsy, $20

Although it's another super general idea, I can't get over how perfect it is. A personalized sparkly gift is something that everyone will love!

4. Drinking Accessories

Pineapple Tumbler, Nordstrom, $29

Odds are you have at least one friend who loves to drink, and sometimes the quirkiest gifts are the biggest hits.

5. Knick Knacks

Portable Record Player, Urban Outfitters, $130

The bests gifts are the ones that instantly make you think of someone, which is why knick knacks are simple but a great idea.

6. Stationary

Happiness Planner, Anthropologie, $30

Technically this one is on the "treat yourself" gift guide, but it can easily be gifted as well.

7. Books

The Girls On The Train, Amazon, $13.55

As a book lover, I couldn't agree more with this pick. There's a book for everyone — even the people who hate to read.

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