It's Already Too Late To Snag That Drake Lipstick

by Julia Musto

On Monday, Tom Ford's lipstick collection "Lip & Boys" went on sale and fans went crazy for it. "They went in and they went hard," because the Tom Ford Drake lipstick sold out within minutes, according to reports. When Ford announced the Lips & Boys collection, everyone in the beauty community said HYFR. Then he revealed that a lipstick named after Drake, described by Refinery29 as "a shimmering, deep plum-hue," would be joining the line-up, and everyone started singing "Fancy" with T.I. and Swizz Beatz for a week.

When the collection hit Net-A-Porter, I knew (when that hotline bling) it could only mean one thing: disappointed holiday shoppers. Elle reports that the Drake shade sold out online and in both New York City and Chicago Tom Ford boutiques. Refinery 29 reports that the lipstick is also going for $118 on eBay, compared to the original price of $35.

If you are seriously determined to get some Champagne Papi on your lips, you can buy the TF Lips & Boys 50-piece set at $1,950. That price can make a girl say "Shut It Down," but maybe, just this once, You Only Live Once is "The Motto" and this is the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents. Nothing would be the same, and in the words of Drake himself: “I’m just such a gentleman/You should give it up for me/Look at how I’m placing all my napkins and my cutlery.”

Of course, there's an easier solution for us regular people. You can find a very similar shade of pearlescent berry at NARS. I'm sure the beauty world will get creative until Drake drops once more.