13 'The Office' Moments From "A Benihana Christmas" That You Never Noticed

The holidays are a special time of year. Sure, it's magical and nice to see family and friends, but it's also the perfect time to hole up in your bed and watch holiday-themed episodes of your favorite TV shows. Most TV shows, of past and present, participate in the reindeer games of producing a holiday episode throughout their run, but few series have done it better than The Office holiday-themed episodes, specifically "A Benihana Christmas."

As an avid Office viewer, I've seen the holiday episodes five, maybe six times each. While they all stand out for their own reasons, "A Benihana Christmas" is arguably one of the best episodes the show produced during the holidays (and its nine season run). It's got classic Michael lines, Dwight pranks, Jim and Pam tension that you know is going to work out eventually, and even some karaoke. It doesn't get much better than this.

In the spirit of the holidays, I sat down and re-watched "A Benihana Christmas" and picked up on a few things I've never noticed before. And because this is the season of giving, I will now share, with you my friend, these Office moments you probably have never noticed.

1. Michael's "Ski-sons Greetings" Card Is Terrifying

Yes, "ski-son's greetings" is something I plan on using in my future family holiday card, but this? As Jim says, it's a bold move to photoshop your face over the ex-husband of the woman you're dating, but Michael's a bold man. Bold is the right word, right?

2. Michael May Or May Not Know How To Ride A Bike

In Season 7's episode "The Sting," it becomes obvious that Michael doesn't know how to ride a bike, which may explain why he's donating it to the toy drive in Season 3.

3. Nancy Carell Plays Michael's Girlfriend

Although it ends pretty early on in the episode, Michael's realtor Carol is played by his IRL wife, Nancy Carell.

4. Pam's Prank Tops Jim's Pranks On Dwight

Pam's gift to Jim is a Dwight prank months in the making. For the few months leading up to the holiday party, Pam had been sending Dwight letters from the CIA, prepping him for his ultimate mission. The gift was the choice to choose the mission, which Jim lamely declined (until the very end of the episode).

5. Michael Definitely Doesn't Know What "Amicably" Means

Michael says that he and Carol broke up "amicably." It should come to know surprise that Michael seriously misuses the word, since Carol broke up with him.

6. Michael Cries To A Sample Clip Of James Blunt

Look, we've all been there. But it's pretty amazing that Michael refuses to buy "Goodbye My Lover," so he just listens to the sample clip to get "a little taste."

7. Jim Is Weird About Pam & Karen Being Friends

Why can't we all just be friends, Jim?

8. A Heartbroken Michael Is A Heartbroken World

This is in the same vein as the old idiom misery loves company.

9. The Recipe For A Nogasake

One part eggnog, three parts sake. You're welcome.

10. Karen Didn't Get The Office Memo About Roy & Pam

Not only is it weird to say "you should date him" after watching two people interact for the first time, but it's also old news, Karen. Jeez, get with the times.

11. Jim Doesn't Know The Words To "You Oughta Know"

Look closely and you'll realize that Jim sings "And I'm here, to remind you, of the mess you madewhen you went away, " when the actual lyrics to the Alanis Morissette song are "the mess you left..."

12. The Song Creed Sings Is An Actual Creed Bratton Song

The song that Creed sings on karaoke is called "Spinnin' N' Reelin'" and it's a song off of actor and singer Creed Bratton's 2001 album The 80's.

13. Oscar Was Missing The Entire Episode

It takes the entire hour-long episode to realize that Oscar is still on paid vacation and won't return until a handful of episodes later (with a brand new car).

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