Will Tom Ford's Drake Lipstick Be Restocked? There Is Still Hope — PHOTO

If it’s late night and you need that love, you’re going to have to look somewhere else for the lipstick that will perfectly complete your going out look. It reportedly sold out in just minutes, but will Tom Ford’s Drake lipstick be restocked? Drake-themed anything is sure to be a best-seller, so it’s really no surprise that the berry-colored lipstick shade named after him sold out faster than you can say "I know when that hotline bling." We just all are dying to know if it’s going to come back, you know?

According to Elle, Net-a-Porter is promising, “more stock coming soon,” but there’s no word of it being brought back anywhere else. So, fingers crossed that Net-a-Porter pulls through. The New York and Chicago store fronts are also all sold out, so clearly, Drake knows how to make a hit when it comes to music and lipstick shades (OK, so I guess Ford is really responsible for this magical lippie). It makes sense that the product was so popular, too, because, not only was it named after the rapper, but it was also an amazing color. I'd love to get my hands on it, and I'm sure you feel the same way.

There are plenty of other Tom Ford lipstick shades you can shop in the meantime, though. They may not be Drake-approved, but hey, that’s just what we've had to deal with ever since the shade left the Internet.

I sure hope this gets restocked! I'd snatch it up in a second!

Here are some similar Tom Ford shades that actually are available to shop now.

1. Henry

Henry 03, $35, Net-a-Porter

I'm liking this taupe color.

2. Xavier

Xavier 44, $35, Net-a-Porter

This is a little more purple, but I think Drake would still approve.

3. Liam

Liam 45, $35, Net-a-Porter

I could see Rihanna rocking this shade.

4. Kingston

Kingston 55, $35, Net-a-Porter

You can't go wrong with a deep berry shade.

5. Malik

Malik 58, $35, Net-a-Porter

I love the brown tint in this lipstick.

6. Jay

Jay 75, $35, Net-a-Porter

I'm all about these deep colors.

Here's to hoping it gets restocked so we can all do a celebration dance.


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