Warrant Out for Suspected Philly School Shooter

Just days after a student opened fire at a Roswell, N.M. school, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the suspect behind Friday's shooting at Delaware Valley Charter High School, Philadelphia. Two students were wounded in the Friday afternoon incident, which occurred at roughly 3.30 p.m., both of them reportedly struck in the arm by the same bullet.

According to police, although the juvenile suspect isn't in custody right now, it's expected that he'll turn himself in at some point Saturday morning, probably alongside an attorney. An earlier suspect, a 17-year-old student at the same charter school, who'd been detained by police for hours Friday evening, was released after being "completely cleared by investigators." Another student turned himself at Northwest Detectives on Friday. But a lot of questions remain.

"We don't know the motives," said city police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. "Don't know if it was an accident, don't know if it was intentional."

Police are also still looking for the weapon, reportedly searching along railroad tracks and trash cans, but coming up empty-handed. It's also still unclear how the gun got into the school in the first place — especially since the building has metal detectors at its entrance. "People send their kids to school; they shouldn't have to pick them up at the hospital,"said Commissioner Ramsey. "These kind of things just absolutely should not happen."

Although there's still much to be found out about the shooting, firearms at a school of course bring back memories of Colorado and Newtown, and remind us yet again of the importance of the question: how on earth are we dealing with our nation’s gun problem?