Hillary Clinton Live-Tweets The GOP Debate

Donald Trump may be the most active presidential candidate on Twitter, but Hillary Clinton (and her staff) takes second place. Before the fifth GOP debate began, the Democratic frontrunner had already taken to social media to broadcast her opinions on increasing gun control, accepting Muslims into America, and how to handle ISIS. Once the primetime debate kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Clinton's tweets about the GOP debate claimed she would be a much stronger leader than anyone on stage.

While it would no doubt be more dramatic for Clinton to appear at a GOP debate and voice her dissenting opinions in person, watching her reactions on Twitter was still entertaining as always. After all, the 2016 general election debates will begin soon enough, and Clinton could very well get the chance to go head-to-head with one of the Republican candidates in Tuesday's debate. In the meantime, tweeting is her way of interjecting her ideologies into the GOP discourse, proving to American voters that there's another side of the story on every national security issue — from defeating ISIS to partnering with other nations to fight terrorism. For Democratic voters watching the debate from home, Clinton's tweets were a welcome and comical break from the conservative ideas being thrown around all night.

Here are some of Clinton's tweets during the fifth GOP debate.

On Shallow Slogans

On Serious Leadership

On A War With Religion

On Republicans Taking Us Backwards

On Keeping Americans Safe

On Building Coalitions

On Preventing Guns

On Being Better Than That

Clinton obviously thinks she would make a better leader than everyone on the GOP debate stage and loves telling America about it.