Who's Justin In Aaron Carter's 'Lizzie McG' Vid?

In March of 2001, the Disney Channel surprised its viewers with a belated Christmas present: Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town,” the Lizzie McGuire holiday special, premiered almost three months after we’d extinguished the yule logs and packed up the peppermint-scented Santa Claus-shaped candles. (Did we Lizzie McG fans question why the Xmas special aired in the spring? No way. We were too busy feeling grateful for the gift of an episode.) As the title suggests, the very merry episode features a very merry cameo by Aaron Carter, the then-boyfriend of Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff.

Has it been a scalding hot minute since your last encounter with this particular Lizzie McGuire ep? You and me both, buddy. Here's the Reader's Digestversion: Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda, and Matt hear tell that the “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” singer will film his next music video in their hometown. Being the free-swinging group of Aaron Carter fans that they are, Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda, and Matt decide to do whatever they can to sneak onto the video set. Shenanigans ensue. By episode's end, everything comes up McGuire: Lizzie & Co. not only meet Aaron Carter, but they also secure roles in the music video for the cover of "I Want Candy."

I have a few questions for this majestic clip:

  1. Who is this Justin character?
  2. Why didn’t Aaron just invite this Justin character to the soundstage dance party?
  3. Why did Aaron feel it necessary to cook up an elaborate lie to get out of hanging out with this Justin character?
  4. Like, did Aaron really have to ditch this Justin character?
  5. Seriously, who is Justin?
  6. Is it Justin Timberlake from *NSYNC?
  7. Is it Justin Jeffre from 98 Degrees?
  8. Is it 6-year-old Justin Bieber?
  9. How much would it cost to recreate Aaron’s outfit?
  10. How much would it cost to recreate Miranda’s outfit?
  11. How much would it cost to recreate Lizzie’s outfit?
  12. How much would it cost to create an ensemble that pays homage to all three outfits?
  13. Would it be too much look if I wore a silver velvet top, a pair of silver pants, and a silver puffer jacket at the same time?
  14. Or would it be the right amount of look?
  15. You know what sounds good right now? Jiffy Pop.
  16. Is Matty doing the Macarena?
  17. Why won't Gordo put down the handheld camera and ~live in the moment~?
  18. What’s the security guard holding?
  19. Is that a plate of snacks?
  20. What’s the security guard saying about the snack plate?
  21. Do we have an urgent snack matter on our hands?
  22. Did the security guard interrupt the dance party to let everyone know that the homemade Christmas cookies are going fast? (If so, I totally respect that move.)
  23. Was there ever a more glorious freeze frame than the freeze frame at the end of this music video/episode of television?

Seriously though, who is Justin?