Donald Trump Is Live-Tweeting Undercard Debate

Because you won't actually see enough of him tonight (at least by his standards, maybe), Donald Trump is live-tweeting the undercard Republican debate before he takes the stage for the big show. While other candidates are likely going over talking points or trying to relax, the current GOP frontrunner is doing what he does best: trolling other people. But I guess with his paper-thin policy points, warming up his insult muscles might be the best mode of attack.

Trump's commentary started around the same time that debate moderator Wolf Blitzer asked the undercard candidates about Trump's proposed (and awful) ban on Muslims. That, of course, raised the Donald's hackles, prompting the first of the night's defensive whining. But this time, Trump didn't tell us directly that the Big Bad Wolf (Blitzer) was picking on him. He let his Twitter followers do it for him.

Trump vented his frustrations by furiously tapping the retweet button, sometimes with his own additional commentary added to the tweets. Because, you know, however much you can defend Donald Trump, Trump can always trump in defending... Trump. He started with Blitzer, who he, of course, thought was being unfair in his attacks.

Then, he moved on to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who he undoubtedly thinks is a big loser for essentially disagreeing with Trump's highly controversial approach.

Then, the mogul glommed onto what is a very unfortunate Freudian slip from George Pataki, who called Trump president. Aaaaand simultaneously rejected any endorsement that Pataki could offer, even if it was mistaken.

Then he moved back to Graham, retweeting someone who compared the Senator to... Monty Python?

And, of course, he's got to retweet any praise that he could get from Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Why does he want his endorsement and not Pataki's? Did we miss the Trump-Pataki beef?

And, finally, we return to general Trumpiness as he gets ready to pump up for the debate.