6 Struggles Of Staying Awake Until Midnight On New Year's Eve

Many moons ago, you were a kid who was never allowed to stay up late, so when you got the green light to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, you took full advantage of it. Nowadays, figuring out how to stay awake until midnight on New Year's Eve to see the ball drop is a struggle. Midnight is late, especially when you are a grown-ass woman who's used to starting her day at 7 a.m. and being in bed by 10 p.m.

Also, it's SUCH an overrated holiday to celebrate, that it almost seems better to skip the party entirely and treat it like just another day. (Because that's all it is, really.) Not only do you have to stay out way past your bedtime, everything is way more expensive, and there is so much pressure to have the most epic night of your life. When it comes to New Year's Eve, the reality will never meet your expectations.

So instead of trying to fight sleep like a feisty toddler, embrace the fact that staying up late just is no easy feat anymore. Here are all the struggles of staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve, because it's harder than it looks.

1. You start partying wayyy too early

No matter how seasoned we are at the New Year's Eve party, we still start these festivities hours before we should. I mean, if you begin taking shots and slurring your list of resolutions at 6 p.m., you shouldn't be surprised that it's tough to keep your eyes open six hours later.

2. The booze makes you sleepy

After a full evening of boozin,' you're going to get tired. That's just how alcohol works. Especially if there was a mix of caffeine and sugary juice in there, because those highs are going to wear off, and you'll be desperately seeking hydration and pajamas.

3. You're probably ready to dip into a food coma

New Year's Eve is a strange holiday for food. You might not be indulging in another massive holiday feast, but you'll be surrounded by an abundance of snacks and apps. And because your survival depends on fueling with solids, you will be partaking, in a major way. Just another step towards Snooze Town.

4. You realize that it's just another day

When those eyelids start to droop, you realize that this is just another day, so why stay up late when you just want to crawl in bed? It's a slippery battle to try and win, so maybe just lean into it.

5. You realize how hungover you'll be in 2016

New Year's Day is supposed to be a fresh start, and you're supposed to feel ready to conquer the world, yes? Then why do we all kick off the new year feeling like garbage? Then you start to think, Maybe THIS is the year I do this right.

6. You realize you're getting too old for this sh*t

Once you reach a certain age, you learn that there's no celebration as thrilling as the feeling of crawling between the sheets after a long day. That's where the party's at, kiddos.

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