What Did Donald Trump's Heckler Say?

Talk about getting a taste of your own snark. After being repeatedly booed, Donald Trump was actually heckled at the GOP debate Tuesday night. But what did Donald Trump's heckler say? It was unclear on TV, but Twitter's one-the-ground reporters give us a pretty clear picture of what was said.

According to CNN reporter Dylan Byers, the heckler, who was yelling in response to a question Trump got about whether it would be better to leave dictators in the Middle East in power, was yelling about money in politics, and "how Americans don't want more billionaire politicians." Twitter user @PatriotLemonade (who I've never heard of but is followed by Naomi Wolf, so I guess they're legit) heard the heckle as "The American people deserve clean and fair elections not billionaire offspring." Either way, it sounds like the heckle was about money in politics, and not wanting a billionaire president.

Wow — so a Bernie Sanders supporter was let into a GOP Debate? I kid, but who knows who it was (Byers says a video will be up of the heckler shortly).

Though Trump didn't take the bait and talk back to the heckler, he did look visibly upset at the interruption (though, to be fair, he usually looks upset). Though there appears to have been no further drama after the heckler was escorted out of the hall, Twitter was of course pleasantly surprised by this piece of agitprop theatre.

Here's what the Twitterverse had to say, both in seriousness and in jest, after Donald Trump was, for one, sweet, sweet moment, silenced.

First, there was actual information.

And then, of course, there was the confusion and the jokes.