11 Ways To Dress Up Short Hair This Holiday Season — PHOTOS

Finding ways to get around the somewhat inevitable doldrums of short hair can be trying. Especially when it comes to finding ways to dress up short hair for the holidays. Your party garb is stunning, your accessories are the perfect balance of bling, but somehow, your hair just keeps looking bland. What's a gal to do? If you've sported or currently have a short hairstyle, you likely know that the struggle is real.

Well, being in that same boat, I've spent some time scouring the Internet for a set of sophisticated styles and hair accessories that will help break through the potential tedium of the short hair lifestyle, and add a touch of class to your holiday ensemble. The key here is that most of these pieces are simple yet elegant, and the hairstyles are fairly straightforward, adding just enough intrigue to breathe new life into your darling 'do. They're versatile and based off of classic colors and metallic finishes, so they will sparkle and shine without overwhelming the great holiday style you're already rocking.

Give these techniques, pins, combs, and bands a try as you prep for your seasonal set of holiday soirees.

1. The Short Waterfall

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Waterfall braids are a beautiful way to add texture and intrigue to a drab hairstyle. They're sweet, semi-formal, and can even look great in short, textured hair.

2. Section Things Off

Patry Jordan English on YouTube

If you're looking for a fairly quick fix that isn't too complicated to complete, these sectioned off styles might be right up your alley. Again, they add wonderful texture and some really neat visual elements to even the straightest, most lifeless short haircuts.

3. Perfectly Pearly

The Pearl I Love Headband, $12.99, modcloth.com

This petite headband comes with a dark band and a bright pop of pearly highlight, giving the effect of a floating detail piece. And, being as it's a headband, it's perfect for even the shortest hairstyles. Of course, adding some soft curls to your hair is another lovely touch.

4. Golden Combs And Delicate Chains

Chain the Rules Hair Comb, $10.99, modcloth.com

Combs are stunning in short hair and this golden, swirled piece is no exception. Add to its grace and style the detailing of the multi-chain and ear cuff, this hair accessory will be sure to catch a few people's eye at your holiday party.

5. Stunning Stars

Golden Star Bobby Pins Set of Two, $14, etsy.com

Golden star pins are a subtle, festive addition to any style. They can be tucked delicately into braids or stand alone as simple pin-backs in a shaggy pixie cut.

6. Banded Beauty

All That I Beaded Headband, $14.99, modcloth.com

Ideal for bobs and pixie cuts, this beaded headband might just add a delicate, detailed touch to your ensemble. The golden hues will look stunning with the most seasonal outfits, and be just enough to brighten up your hairdo.

7. Fascinatingly Festive

Sweetest Spread Fascinator in Black, $19.99, modcloth.com

Fascinators are a bold look, but with the right pairing, they can look entirely darling and utterly alluring. The fine, dotted mesh attached to this one is very charming.

8. Mini Ornaments

Bright Gold Hair Pins, $17.50, etsy.com

Mirror the ornaments and garlands decorating many a holiday event with these petite golden pins. They're perfect for a delicate spray of color among curls or tucked into a small braid.

9. A Touch Of Holiday Bling

Sparkle Sweetly Hair Pin Set, $12.99, modcloth.com

For a very classic, nearly art deco look, check out these little bits of bling. They're geometric, petite, and perfect for shorter cuts that require a bit more embellishment.

10. Golden Glitz

Deco for the Gold Hair Pin Set, $7.99, modcloth.com

Another twist on an art deco-esque theme is these gold and onyx-like pins. Charming and classy, they'll highlight your more formal holiday attire with ease and grace. Just tuck them back into your locks, or add polish to a twisted half up/half down style.

11. Two Turtle Doves

So in Love Hair Comb, $12.99, modcloth.com

Alright, so these are probably more akin to sparrows or swallows than turtle doves, but they're pretty precious anyway. And, as far as a festive comb goes, this is just subtle enough to stand out without overtaking an outfit. What an ideal blend of personality and practicality.

So if you're working with short hair this season, don't be intimidated. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your look. Just have fun, get creative, and incorporate your favorite accessories into new styles for a memorable holiday hairstyle.

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