7 Potential Trump/Cruz 2016 Campaign Slogans

On Tuesday, the GOP concluded its final debate of the year with a burgeoning bromance unlike anything the Republican party has seen so far. Whereas many candidates were combative with each other, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz appeared on the verge of unity. In fact, if Trump ends up nabbing the party's nomination, he may very well name the Texas senator as his running mate. Twitter was surprisingly supportive of the ticket. In the spirit of that excitement, here are seven potential Trump/Cruz 2016 campaign slogans that are all sure to please the RNC.

During a series of questions on disparaging remarks the two candidates had made about each other, Trump confirmed that he would consider Cruz as a running mate, and said that his attitude had changed about the man whom he once referred to as a "maniac." "Let me just say that I have gotten to know him [Cruz] over the last three or four days," Trump said. "He has a wonderful temperament. He's just fine. Don't worry about it." Later on, Cruz showed that he had Trump's back by stating:

If I'm elected president, we will secure the border. We will triple the border patrol. We will build a wall that works, and I'll get Donald Trump to pay for it.

For his part, Trump readily agreed. And if they can agree on immigration, then the two candidates can most certainly agree on one of these slogans.

"Reigniting The Promise Of America"

Sure, the slogan is already Cruz's to have and hold, but why not make the ticket a bit more real? Trump taking the Texas senator's slogan is the political bromance equivalent of getting hitched and deciding on taking your partner's last name.

"Speak Loudly ..."

Twitter user @PercivalPenman has the right idea with this sweet, unsubtle slogan, which is sure to get Republican voters pumped for the election. The catchphrase plays off of Theodore Roosevelt's classic "speak softly and carry a big stick" statement, which would serve as a strong metaphor to define Roosevelt's stance on foreign policy. Of course, this slogan suggestions runs a bit contrary to that spirit.

"It Could Be Worse"

This slogan highlight the very real, sobering fact that the Republican party hasn't had it easy when it comes to unity. The GOP encountered troubles electing a new speaker of the House, ultimately deciding on former VP hopeful Paul Ryan. The RNC recently held a meeting to discuss the possibility of a brokered convention, in which case choosing a presidential nominee would be made all the more difficult. Simply deciding to embrace a Trump/Cruz ticket is progress, and it could always be worse.

"Make America Great Again"

Why mess with perfection? Plus, the red trucker hats are iconic.

"Lethal Weapon: Presidential Edition"

Jessica McBride has the right idea. Trump/Cruz 2016 may very well be the political equivalent of a buddy cop movie that nobody ever asked for. This slogan incorporates a savvy cultural reference, showing just how hip the Republican party can be while also somewhat highlighting the hot-button issue of gun control.

"Road Warriors For America"

Sure, Trump's hair is its own symbol of freedom — no comb can take that mop down! — but it's nothing compared to the inspired facepaint and spiked shoulder pads of one of the greatest wrestling tag teams the WWE has ever seen: the Road Warriors. If we truly are a country that leads by example, then surely Trump and Cruz recognize the importance of suiting up like wrestling superstars and taking this country back with a sick promo calling out ISIS.

"The Vengeance, The Night"

Carly Fiorina may claim to be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare, but the former HP CEO has nothing on this Batman-inspired presidential campaign slogan. Why be the nightmare when you can be the entire night, right? A Trump/Cruz ticket is simply made for this threatening catchphrase, which may very well strike fear in the hearts of terrorists.