Wait...What? Paul Deneve Leaves YSL To Go To Apple

Paul Deneve has spent nearly two decades working in high fashion, but now Bloomberg reports that he is leaving his post as CEO at YSL to join the tech industry. “We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Deneve to Apple,” the Cupertino, California-based company said in a statement to Bloomberg. “He’ll be working on special projects as a vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook.”

There are so many "Wait. What?" factors to this news. Apple traditionally promotes from within, but hiring Deneve shows they're ready to begin looking outside their own doors to fill senior roles. But why Deneve? Sure, he's a successful businessman, but does knowledge of the high fashion industry translate to high-tech? Deneve may not have experience selling computers, but he does know how to push goods at a premium price.

Critics of Apple are quick to argue that an iPad isn't worth $500, similarly to how high-fashion skeptics harp that a pair of YSL shoes can't possibly be worth $600. Of course, when you buy those products, you're not just buying any tablet or any pair of shoes. You're buying an Apple tablet, or YSL shoes. You're buying a name, as well. So, no, Deneve doesn't have a great deal of tech experience, but he certainly has a track record with high-priced items. Perhaps this news isn't so "WTF" after all.