The 5th GOP Debate, In 9 Vines

On Tuesday night, nine Republican presidential candidates convened once again to lay out their policies and outshine one another. The fifth and final Republican debate of the year saw candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Rand Paul discuss — and argue over — issues related to terrorism, national security, and refugees. Though there were some memorable moments and one-liners, including some surprise digs at Trump from Bush, the whole ordeal could be summed up in a few six-second clips. In case you missed it, there are a few Vines that perfectly sum up the fifth GOP debate.

As we've seen in previous Republican debates, Trump elicited some aggressive criticism from at least one opponent while he played down his usually incendiary persona. This time, that opponent was Bush, who gave his strongest showing of the election season so far. Meanwhile, Cruz and Rubio gave well-prepared, even-keeled performances, while Carson continued to flounder on foreign policy and Kasich rehashed old points while making new hand gestures. Christie made an impressive case for his executive experience, as did Fiorina, who emphasized the importance of the private sector in counterterrorism efforts. And as for Paul, well, his days on the primetime stage might be numbered because he's become the guy who delivers the jabs with nobody even flinching.

If this all sounds like a pretty engaging showdown and you're bummed you missed it, have no fear. These nine Vine clips of the CNN Republican debate are all you need to watch.

Jeb Bush Finally Stands Up To Donald Trump

After four debates of being on the defensive, Bush finally got the gumption to give Trump a much-deserved pummeling.

Trump Actually Appeared Flustered

For the first time in all the debates, Trump appeared somewhat intimidated, and of Bush of all people.

Cruz Trolls Trump

Cruz's little joke shows he's not afraid to tease Trump, and it reveals a confidence that others who attack Trump more aggressively might lack (I'm looking at you, Bush and Paul).

Trump Gets Heckled By Someone In The Audience

According to reports, the heckler yelled, "The American people deserve clean and fair elections, not billionaire offspring!"

Ben Carson Calls Wolf Blitzer "Woof"

Besides his "Woof," Carson's most memorable moment of the night might have been his persistent cough.

Donald Trump Waves Off Rand Paul

Poor Rand Paul. It's getting to that point where candidates actually thank him when he criticizes them because it just means more speaking time for them.

Jeb Bush Is Serious

By the way, did he mention that he's serious?

John Kasich's Weird Hand Motions

The Vine maker calls him a ninja, but I definitely see more robot.

Trump's Facial Expressions Are Back

It wouldn't be a real debate unless Trump made some seriously frog-like faces.