Which Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Is Right For You?

by Julia Musto

If you're a makeup-loving human, you might be wondering which Kylie Jenner lip kit you should buy based on your personality and style. Jenner's lippies come in three different dreamy shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K. Although the restocked kits are once again unavailable until further notice, many are still excited about getting their hands on the $29 matte lipstick and lip liner duos — hopefully before this Christmas.

Although the lippies are gorgeous, some customers have been unhappy with the customer service. Unfortunately, some who shelled out the money for the kits reportedly still haven't received their orders two weeks later after getting email confirmations and shipping tracking numbers, reports Seventeen. According to TMZ, customers have also been contacting C&S Sales, Jenner's distributor for the Lip Kits, allegedly to no avail.

US Weekly reported that customers "turned their anger toward one specific [Instagram] user, @DesignerLabelsCompany," who allegedly bought inventory en masse and is reportedly "selling the kits at over three times the cost for a profit" via the comment section of Ms. Jenner's Instagram page.

Either way, it seems that Jenner was not prepared for the popularity of the kits, so all we beauty lovers can do now is keep the buzz alive and continue to dream about the collection paired with our day-to-day outfits. But, what lip color is best suited for you, and what kind of awesome looks can you put together with each kit? It seems that most people are gunning for that stylish True Brown K now that brown '80s lipstick has become a fad once again. However, Dolce K and Candy K are both great lighter neutral matte shades that can pair with almost any outfit. Here is how you should wear each kit.

1. Dolce K

Dolce K, $29, Lip Kits by Kylie

This is a sweet (pun intended) light matte shade between pink and light brown and it works for all neutral looks. If you want an understated lip that still wows, go for the Dolce. Pair it with a signature Jenner look or go with your own. This color will work with mostly brown tones, but can work with black. I would wear this shade with gold metallics, and day-to-night transitional looks. Dolce K would look great with warm winter knits and black jeans or wrap skirts and leather jackets. Wear this shade while getting drinks, to the office, to the movies, to the club, to dinner, and to holiday parties (but it's seasonally transitional).

2. Candy K

Candy K, $29, Lip Kits by Kylie

This is the pinkest and lightest shade of all three kits. I would pair with whites, neutrals, suedes, and jean fabric. This color exposes Jenner's more feminine side. This is definitely more of a daytime shade and adds a pop of color to every look. Wear this look on a coffee date, to brunch or tea, to your parents' house, at work, wandering around a museum, or on a park stroll next Spring.

3. True Brown K

True Brown K, $29, Lip Kits by Kylie

This is the shade to end all shades. Wear this everywhere and anywhere for the next year. Wear it with both black and brown: screw fashion rules. Wear this to your next black tie event, wedding, office party, shopping trip, vacation, brunch, walk to the Dunkin Donuts, et cetera. Wear it until it's no longer acceptable and there's a 25-year hiatus. It's a combo of sexy, brave, and dark. You'll have the confidence of both Kendall and Kylie Jenner on your side in True Brown K.

Whatever shade you choose when the lip kits restock, you'll have the power of the Jenner name on your side for almost every occasion.

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Images: Courtesy Brand