9 Ways To Wear Red & Green Makeup On Christmas Morning — VIDEOS

Spice up your holiday beauty routine by wearing red and green makeup this Christmas. Not only are these shades super festive, but they also look amazing on every skin tone. It's an easy to way to add a bit of holiday cheer to your beauty look. These looks don't have to be over-the-top either (unless you want them too be). Whether you're spending Christmas on the couch, or hanging out with friends and family, there are plenty of ways to incorporate red and green tones into your makeup routine. It's all about making it fit your Christmas morning routine.

Start off your makeup look by paying a bit of extra attention to your base. Having a flawless base is the easiest way to allow bold colors like red and green to stand out without looking tacky or unflattering. Another tip for holiday makeup is to avoid too many products with sunscreens or zinc if you're planning on having your photo taken, according to celebrity makeup artist, Wayne Goss. While SPF is normally a great additive, it tends to cause a white cast in photos if the SPF is strong enough. With that said, have fun with the rest of your makeup. It's the perfect way to amp up your own holiday cheer.

1. Deck The Halls

Emma Cervin on YouTube

A sparkly green cat eye is never a bad idea.

2. Silent Night

Carli Bybel on YouTube

If pairing red and green isn't your thing, then try going bold with either color instead.

3. Jingle Bells

Ellarie on YouTube

Green shimmer has never looked so good!

4. Little Drummer Boy

Manny Mua on YouTube

Who doesn't love a red and green smoky eye?

5. Silver Bells

Prettypinks3000 on YouTube

Sparkle all day long with this festive makeup look.

6. Up On The House Top

Tania Waller on YouTube

Highlight your inner corners by adding a touch of gold glitter. It's an easy way to tie together your holiday look.

7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

If you aren't a fan of dramatic eye makeup, then try keeping the green shadow to your waterline. It adds a subtle difference that really sets your makeup apart.

8. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Joseline Jimenez on YouTube

TBH, all I want for Christmas are those lashes!

9. The Most Wonderful Time Of Year

Destiny Godley on YouTube

Not a fan of red lips? Take the shade to a new level by deepening the color with a plum lip stain.

See? Red and green makeup totally makes sense.

Images: Ellarie/ YouTube