The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Have Arrived, Praise Be To Live Coverage — VIDEO

I am a blooper addict, and nothing comes close to being as good as the best news bloopers of 2015. Seriously. When you have to churn out content every single day of the week a lot of things happen, and there are so many chances of catching it on camera. From a weird verbal mishap all the way to people doing weird stuff next to a reporter on the scene. The news is always able to give us the best laughs. Why do you think The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight is so dang funny? They have tons of material to work with.

I usually go on YouTube and fall into an Internet hole — going from one video to the next. Suddenly it's four hours later and I've seen every reporter loose their sh*t on live television. Obviously, I move onto watching movie bloopers and TV show outtakes. I am not embarrassed to admit that I don't have to watch a show to watch their bloopers. In fact, I often find myself watching the show BECAUSE the bloopers were so funny.

That's why seeing this compilation video of all the amazing news bloopers of 2015 made me do damn happy this morning. I don't have to go in to the black hole of the Internet for hours at a time — I have a video that did that for me! Here are just a few of my favorite bloopers. The full video can be seen at the bottom.

Trying To Be Funny

When attempting to be funny on television, it is important to know your audience. Ask yourself: will your joke about growing food in butts going to go over well by everyone? If the answer is yes, wait five minutes and ask yourself again. This man did not.

Backseat Driver

Imagine being on TV, finally getting that shot to be on camera, when someone steals your limelight. Thats exactly what made me borderline cackle. This chick in the background is just having a blast, doing push-ups and squats. Because she can!

Watch the full video below:

News Be Funny on YouTube

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