What Is The Adele Live Tour Set List? There's No Way She'd Leave Out These 8 Songs

When everyone's favorite singer gave us all the gift of a lifetime and announced her Adele Live North American tour dates on Monday morning, there was little that I could do besides lose my mind and start weeping hysterically. At some point during the day I managed to pull myself away from the dark corner in which I had been listening to 25, her latest album, on repeat while crying softly to myself. When I did that, I found myself in front of the computer, frantically looking up the best ways to find tickets to her tour. But, after that subsided, the only thing that I could think to do with myself was stare off into the distance and start dreaming of set lists. What better way to spend the time between now and the summer of 2016 when Adele goes on tour than speculating on which songs she will play during her North American tour?

Because, clearly, there’s no way to know for sure which songs she will play at her concerts. I’m sure Adele doesn’t even have that information yet. There is too much to plan between now and then to be thinking of songs just yet. Still, there is plenty of room to guess, especially with the gift of her Live in New York special, in which she played 13 songs from her past albums for a live audience at New York’s famed Radio City Musical Hall.

Based on this setlist and some others from her past performances, I’m going to guess that these songs will most likely be on Adele’s set list for her North American tour in 2016. If not, I think the crowds might mutiny.

1. "Hello"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

Her latest hit single from 25, this song is a given and, I think, would make a wonderful opening number.

2. "One And Only"

PakoChile on YouTube

I’m putting this one in here because it is my absolute favorite of hers. Also because she performed it in New York City and will hopefully make it a staple on her tour.

3. "Chasing Pavements"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

A crowd pleaser and fan favorite, it wouldn’t be an Adele concert without this one.

4. "Set Fire To The Rain"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

Hopefully, the singer will include this one to pick up the pace and give people a break from sobbing and scream singing for hours.

5. "Skyfall"

The song she won awards for, you better believe this is one she’ll play to make the crowds go crazy.

6. "Someone Like You"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

The anthem of everyone who was heartbroken after 2011, this song better be on her set list or I will just die. Die, I tell you.

7. "When We Were Young"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

Another from her new album, the fact that she played this one in New York means it may be her next hit single.

8. "Rolling In The Deep"

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

One of her hits from 21, the crowds will be begging for this song if Adele doesn’t include it on her own. Also, it would make a killer encore.

I’m sure whatever Adele plays will be amazing, but I’m guessing that these standards will most likely find their way onto her North American tour set list.