Will 'The Returned' Season 3 Happen? These Thrillers Will Pass The Time While You Wait For A Resurrection

The French drama/thriller The Returned — also known as Les Revenants — has gained a massive positive critical reception even though the series has only had two seasons. The Returned follows the residents of a small town who are confused when a group of people that they thought to be dead come back to life. Throw in a serial killer, the complexity of how grief changes a family as well as a community, and the fantasy/horror element of ghosts, and it's easy to see why The Returned has garnered so much attention. For fans wondering whether the series will continue, The Returned hasn't been renewed for Season 3 yet, but the show's creator is open to the idea.

Back before Season 2 premiered on SundanceTV, The Returned creator Fabrice Gobert told Digital Spy that the second season was constructed as a kind of conclusion to the story threads established in Season 1. But don't give up hope, because he also said, "we can imagine easily season three," it would just be different from the first two seasons. Of course, if you need more dramatic thrillers in your life — perhaps with a sci-fi or fantasy element just for fun — I totally understand and I've got you covered with this list of shows to check out if you enjoy The Returned.

The Leftovers


Rather than folks returning from the dead, HBO's drama series follows those left behind when millions of people around the world suddenly disappear. It's another critically acclaimed series sure to be enjoyed if you loved The Returned, so it's a good thing The Leftovers' first two seasons are available on HBO GO.

The 4400

cobraz80 on YouTube

This drama series from USA takes more of a sci-fi turn with a premise incredibly similar to The Returned: What happens when 4,400 people thought to be missing or dead are suddenly returned on a comet from outer space? Compelling drama and more than a few shady individuals trying to use the event to their advantage, of course! The 4400 is available in its entirety on Netflix.

Top of the Lake


Centered around the disappearance of a young girl, Top of the Lake is a miniseries crime drama set in a small New Zealand town. Although there may not be any sci-fi/fantasy element to this show, it's certainly a good pick if you're craving something tense and dramatic. If you are, you're in luck because the entire first season is on Netflix.

Black Mirror


This British limited series features a different storyline in each episode, though they all share an intensely suspenseful thriller vibe that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Black Mirror had a resurgence in popularity when it became available on Netflix and is so popular the streaming service will be making another season. So catch up now, it's only six episodes!

The Fall


Gillian Anderson as a talented police investigator tracking down Jamie Dornan as an unrepentant serial killer — do I really need to say more? This psychological thriller is an insanely smart look at the dynamics between men and women as well as a creepy crime drama. Sound fantastic? The show's two seasons are available on Netflix.

So, while you may need to wait an undetermined amount of time for another potential season of The Returned, your next drama/thriller obsession is out there, just waiting to be watched.

Images: Jean-Claude Lother/SundanceTV; Giphy (4)