This 'Big Bang Theory' Hiatus Won't Be For Long

When news first broke that Sheldon and Amy would be having sex in The Big Bang Theory midseason finale, I'll admit that I had a hard time believing it. Not just because they were currently broken up (though that certainly added to my confusion). It also had to do with the fact that this is Sheldon Cooper that we're talking about, who's never seemed to have a coitus-yearning bone in his body. But now, here we are, with less than 24 hours to go until Sheldon's V-card is finally swiped. (Our baby physicist is growing up so fast!) But before this monumental moment commences, I've found myself looking to the future and wondering when The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will return after the holidays.

I'm sure we're all going to be eagerly anticipating the aftermath of Shamy's first time together, so I'd like to know ahead of time how long we'll have to wait before these characters can pick up where they left off. And I'm pleased to report that the wait won't be very long at all. Luckily, many of the networks have already released their midseason schedules and CBS currently has TBBT slated to come back on Jan. 7, 2016. That's just three short weeks away! So in honor of this exciting news, I've taken the liberty of rounding up a few plot developments that I hope the series explores upon its midseason return.

Sheldon Revisits Proposing

Now that he's back together with Amy, I'll be interested to see if this post-coital Sheldon will be eager to pop the question to his lady love in the near future. I think we all know what her answer would be and the idea of seeing Sheldon get down on one knee is enough to send me squealing with joy into the new year.

Leonard & Penny Look Into Adopting A Pet

While I personally think it's a bit too early in their marriage for them to be having kids, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see them add a furrier member to their growing family. You just know that this would make for some adorable moments.

Bernadette Gets Pregnant

Bernie has always been known to have a bit of a temper, so just imagine the kind of hilarity that would ensue if she were to experience pregnancy hormones. Plus, I feel like she and Howard are in a good place right now, so that if (and only if) they both want to start making a family, then they totally should. The world could use another Wolowitz.

Raj & Emily Move In Together

It'd be interesting to see how Cinnamon would cope with this little arrangement.

Yup, it's official. January can't get here fast enough.

Images: Michael Yarish/CBS (4); Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.