The Victoria's Secret Angels Singing '12 Days Of Christmas' Will Warm Your Heart — VIDEO

We found something the VS angels actually are not good at: singing. The Victoria's Secret angels released a "12 Days of Christmas" video to get in the festive spirit and show off their singing skills (...or lack thereof), and it's basically the cutest thing you'll see all day.

The video, featuring angels Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, Lily Aldridge, and Taylor Hill is a play on the classic Christmas song, with lyrics changed to include things like red robes, fragrance sets, and golden wings. Because, really, who actually wants a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas? Truth.

It sounds adorable enough already, but it gets even better, because as it turns out, the angels are not very good at singing. And it's totally OK to think that, because they probably agree — the video is filled with plenty of giggles and laughs as the ladies try to, you know, fake it until they make it.

I wouldn't necessarily suggest they quit their day jobs, but for a fun, festive video, this is totally brilliant. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!

The video starts off harmless enough, and the angels actually make a case for wanting five golden wings for Christmas:

But then things take a turn for the tone deaf. And they know it, too. Jasmine Tookes can barely sing her part without giggling.

She brings the LOLz. And Alessandra Ambrosio trying to belt out her high note is pure gold:

But one of my favorite parts is Lily Aldridge getting seriously confused midway through the video. "I'm confused on where we are in the song!" Well, that's problematic.


Victoria's Secret on YouTube

You gotta love them even more for being able to make fun of themselves.

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