Jimmy Kimmel Gives Donald Trump A Dr. Seuss Makeover Because 'Winners Aren't Losers'

Over the years, Donald Trump has written a dozen or so books, but on Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that the billionaire mogul has never dabbled in children's literature. Well, now Trump has really put his stamp on everything, because Kimmel gave Donald Trump a Dr. Seuss makeover and ghostwrote a book on his behalf, called Winners Aren't Losers. Because if there's one thing Trump loves to remind people, it's that he's a winner, not a loser.

The book goes through the same playful rhymes that are Dr. Seuss' trademark, but only this time, the lines take you through typical Trump-isms in a PG-friendly remake, which includes bashing loser lobsters and building a great big ol' wall to keep out frogs Trump doesn't like. Trump was a good sport about it, smiling his way through Kimmel's reading and even chiming in at the end for the grand finale.

Not only is the writing hilariously on point, but the illustrations are also truly charming, making it the perfect bedtime story for the politico in you. Kimmel, you've done it again — and totally made up for Trump's canceled appearance back in October.

Check out the full story below.

Winners Aren't Losers By Donald J. Trump

Winners aren't losers.

They're winners — like me!

A loser's a loser.

Which one will you be?

Winners do deals

And winners get rich!

While sad little losers

Just sit there and bitch.

This dog is a loser

And frankly I pity it.

The dog did bad deals.

This dog is an idiot.

And poor Mr. Bear.

He must feel like a loser

Valet-ing that

2006 PT Cruiser!

This lobster's a loser

Throw him in the pot!

I like a lobster

Who doesn't get caught!

Those losers are failures

Who get nothing done

Just do what I do

And you'll be number one!

Now here are some frogs

I do not like at all.

We must kick these frogs out

And then build a wall!

Oh, the places you'll go

On your Yacht! On your plane!

With your suits from Milan!

And your wives from Ukraine!

Oh, the buildings you'll build!

Oh, the wealth you'll amass!

Oh, the people around you

All kissing your ass!

There are two kinds of people

Which one will you be?

A loser like them?

Or a winner ... like ME!

Seriously, this book needs to be available for purchase ASAP! Kimmel and Co., can you make it happen? Watch Kimmel's reading of Winners Aren't Losers below.

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