Donald Trump's Opinion On Killing Baby Hitler Is A Surprising Answer

The baby Hitler debate isn't over, apparently. While Jeb Bush seems to be confident that "hell yeah" he would travel back in time to kill Hitler in his infant years if given the chance, Donald Trump had a different opinion on the weird imaginary issue. Trump made it clear on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he didn't think that Jeb had the guts to do anything of the sort. Then, Trump told Jimmy Kimmel his own stance on killing baby Hitler, and his answer might surprise you.

While Trump didn't hesitate to tell Kimmel that he thinks Bush is just "too nice" to actually kill an infant Adolf Hitler, he basically kept quiet when Kimmel turned the question on him. Trump's reply? "No comment." The Republican front-runner gave the response with the always-winning (because there's never enough winning, according to this man) Donald smile, but he left his answer at that.

This would seem like a pretty typical response from just about any other politician or presidential hopeful, but Trump is not one to keep his mouth shut. Really, I have to imagine that every person in Kimmel's audience did a double take at Trump's restraint.

Usually, the candidate can't hold back when it comes to giving an opinion on basically anything. When Wolf Blitzer asked The Donald during Tuesday's debate if he would shut down parts of the Internet — sure — he first gave his usual non-answer, which didn't tell the American people anything. But when Blitzer asked for some sort of confirmation on whether Trump would be OK with a worldwide web shutdown of some kind, the billionaire couldn't help but say that he would have no problem doing so.

Trump's lack of a filter, particularly in the context of disparaging insults to anyone who isn't up to his standards, is well known. In a recent story on Trump in Vanity Fair, Mark Bowden described the tendency for people to quickly fall out of Trump's favor, going "from 'genius' to 'idiot'" in his eyes at the first mistake. And Trump never really refrains from calling any such person an idiot or loser out loud, whether it's Fox News' Megyn Kelly or opposing candidate Ben Carson.

So the fact that the man would not give a yes or no on a quirky, non-serious question like the baby Hitler debate is kind of a big deal. What was Trump's goal with that "no comment"? Is he trying to add a bit more mystery to his persona, fearing that the American public has become bored with his unceasing commentary on every person, place, and thing? Whatever the reason, Trump's decision to leave viewers in the dark on whether he'd stop Hitler early on may have been his first brilliant one.

Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC