Sean Lowe Is About to Lose His 'Virginity'

With his wedding a week away, former The Bachelor star Sean Lowe has got to be feeling pretty good. Not only did he nab the girl of his dreams, Bachelor "winner" Catherine Guidici, but he's about to marry her in a ceremony (for which they each got paid six figures) for the whole world to see. We've all heard the childhood playground song: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well, one hell of a honeymoon. And while it may seem old-fashioned to some, Lowe has spokenly openly about his wish to wait until marriage to bed his bride-to-be. No, Lowe isn't a virgin, but according to him, he is a born-again-virgin. What is this, pray tell? According to its wiki page, a born-again virigin is: "An individual can claim to be a born-again virgin, secondary virgin or renewed virgin if, after having engaged in sexual intercourse, s/he makes a commitment not to be sexually active until marriage, whether for religious, moral or practical reasons."

Sounds legit, right? Well according to Urban Dictionary, it's a load of horse crap. Their (not-so-certified) definition reads: "A formerly promiscuous persons commitment to not have sex (again) until marriage. The commitment usually lasts about a week at which point they go to a bar and become a drunken (man)whore and indiscriminantly throw themselves at the opposite sex. The change of heart is usually brought about through feelings of guilt or shame from past failed relationships."

Regardless, Sean Lowe is about to get his "O" on, and from the promos for their live wedding (you know, the ones where it shows Lowe testing how squeaky the honeymoon bed is), he's STOKED. On Friday, January 17, he spoke with People about the wedding day, and from these quotes, it's clear he's ready. Like really ready, to get in (and out) of his tux as soon as possible:

"[I'm] just anxious and excited. I just want the big day to get here!" he said. "Today I had my tux fitting. That was the last thing on my checklist. Looks like we're good to go." And he didn't stop there: "The thing I'm most looking forward to is just starting our family." (Remind us, how are babies made?) "Just it being the two of us, and then hopefully one day in the future, we'll add some more."

Image: swoonworthy