Casanova Is A Tinder Add-On That Flirts On The Dating App For You — If You're A Man

While everyone's been worried about having sex with robots in the future, few of us realized we've already been chatting to them on Tinder. Really. Alex Kessler and Paul Terentev have created a Tinder add-on called Casanova, which basically does the swiping and chatting for you— if you're a man that is. It automatically swipes for 20 minutes or so, according to The Daily Dot, and then strikes up conversation, using information in the profile. And if you don't have a bio? Well, that's where those old standards like, "You’re too pretty for Tinder. What are you doing here?" come in, according to The Daily Dot.

To me, I would be weirded out by the whole thing, especially if you look at how the app breaks down women to decide how to chat to them. But for the men using it, they may think of it as a matter of time management. Men send out loads of messages that don't get replies, so the goal of the add-on is to get as many numbers as possible, without them having to spend a lot of time sending messages that don't get replies.

And knowing how many messages I've ignored on Tinder, I can sort of wrap my head around this. But what's worrying is its context in the Casanova site as a whole, which, as The Daily Dot points out, doesn't exactly have an "evolved view of dating". They note that "one section offers Tinder tips for guys and advises fat men to 'take a picture with a fancy car or a nice house' and 'expect to pay more for your dates'" and talks about "basic bitches" and "sluts". Which, combined with the 'playing the numbers game' attitude all would be a turn off for me. But hey, everyone's different.

And the truth is, Tinder is overwhelming. That's what most of my friends complain about, that's what I didn't like about it. So here are three other tools to help you on Tinder, if this one may not be your thing, or you're not a guy.

1. Tinder Match Genie

For anyone who finds the swiping a little scary. Or for those times when you run into someone you know and aren't sure whether to swipe right or left on them but you really want to see the next person after them, so you just kind of freeze. Those people— this app claims it lets you browse people who've liked you, rather than have to go through the swiping.

2. Tinderly

An app that lets you say yes or no to multiple people at once. And, even better, let's you undo in case you accidentally swiped left on your soulmate. It's perfect for when you get into a swiping spiral and your thumb works faster than your mind.

3. Roulette Online

Roulette Online created a pretty great infographic laying out the best ways to get a right swipe. From how to use your photos (use all six!), to how to use your bio, and reply times, the experiences they documented are a great read for any Tinder-user.

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