Mark Zuckerberg's Baby Pictures Of Max Reveal The One Book All Future Billionaires Need To Read

Just when you think you’ve seen all the baby photos on Facebook you ever want to see, you find a picture of Mark Zuckerberg reading his baby daughter a book in the middle of your timeline, and you find you’ve got room for just one more. Seriously, Max Chan Zuckerberg (or whatever surname combination they’re going for) is the cutest. But there’s more to Zuckerberg’s latest Facebook post than just adorableness: Zuckerberg has also revealed the one secret to raising a billionaire just like him. And it’s all in the book he’s reading Max: Quantum Physics for Babies .

Well, it all makes sense now. Obviously this is where our parents went wrong, and why we didn’t all invent Facebook in our dorm rooms instead of spending all day in bed with Netflix and a hangover. If you want to give your kid a chance to become a billionaire, you’ve got to start ‘em young. Real young. Like, Zuckerberg reading his baby Quantum Physics for Babies young.

Quantum Physics for Babies is a children’s book written by Dr. Chris Ferrie, as part of a series that includes titles like Newtonian Physics for Babies and Quantum Entanglement for Babies. I mean, those sound like titles I would struggle with now. Max Chan Zuckerberg, however, seems to be taking the whole thing in her stride.

While the books are partly meant in jest, Chris Ferrie told the Sydney Morning Herald that “if we want a generation of new physicists and engineers and mathematicians, it has to start with the parents — especially so for young girls, with gender biases and stereotypes that are reinforced through media and to a large extent parents themselves.”

Luckily for little Max, her dad isn’t the only brains in the family; pediatrician mom Priscilla Chan is founding The Primary School to improve education and healthcare. With parents like this, Max should grow up feeling empowered to do anything she sets her mind to. And of course, a healthy dose of Quantum Physics for Babies before bed can’t hurt.