11 Gift-Giving Hacks For When You Waited Until The Very Last Minute To Come Up With A Holiday Game Plan

Once again the holidays snuck up on you, and you failed to do the appropriate amount of gift prep work. Before you resign to being empty-handed at the party, there are some last-minute gift-giving hacks that will gloss over the fact that you are a world-class procrastinator. No need to write a generic card and check this year. You can (and will) do better.

I firmly believe that anyone who is prepared for Christmas might be an actual robot. I don't think any amount of organization will transform me into someone who can plan for such a holiday. This is why my gifts are always very clearly thrown together last minute. I believe I once gave my sister a random collection of chocolate from the drug store. Mostly melted, mostly Halloween themed. You could argue that that gift is me being a bad sister, not a lazy gift giver, but I urge you to instead think of it as a fun quirk of mine. Beautiful wrapping paper has been my only saving grace. I think most people can forgive lame presents, or at least maintain a poker face, if the gift is wrapped beautifully.

Check out the last-minute gift-giving hacks below to look like the well-organized planner you dream of being.

1. MoviePass

A six-month MoviePass is $225, and you can see up to one movie per day, which averages to $1.25 per movie. Of course, it is unlikely you'll see one movie everyday, but even one movie a week makes the pass worth it.

2. E-Gift Cards

For the serious procrastinators out there, you can send these gift cards straight through the computer. No need to rush to the store. Places like Amazon, Target, and Macy's all participate.

3. Subscription Service

Sign your loved one up for a subscription service, and you might directly benefit too. Especially when it's from food services as cool as Mantry, Graze, or Blue Apron.

4. Handmade Coupons

These printable coupons are cute enough to forgive your procrastination.

Printable Coupons, $10, etsy.com

5. Pretty Wrapping Paper

Luckily Oh Happy Day has printable paper that is pretty enough to distract people from how lame the gift might be.

6. Send a Local Delicacy

Goldbely sells awesome things from awesome places (like pie from Momofuku Milk Bar and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery). And really, who doesn't love to eat?

7. Make A Tea Wreath

This gift can be put together in minutes. It's adorable, thoughtful, and easy.

8. Stuff A Stocking With Convenience Store Finds

Head to your corner convenience store, buy a stocking, and some cool toys to play with. Humans young or old would love to play with Legos, I'm sure.

Lego set, priced by store, walgreens.com

9. Turn Pictures Into A Wine Label

Follow this genius idea from A Beautiful Mess, and transform a regular wine bottle into a personalized gift.

10. Cookie Mix in a Jar

This easy gift from A Beautiful Mess is equally personal and simple. Gather the ingredients for your favorite cookie recipe, print a recipe card, and give it to a friend.

11. Give the Gift of Pie

Buy your favorite local pie, and artfully wrap the slices in The Merry Thought's printable pie boxes. Yum!

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

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Images: Moviepass, Giphy, Mantry, A Beautiful Mess (2), The Merry Thought