A New, Magical Fan Theory Could Save Jon Snow

Jon Snow is totally dead. Right? I mean, he has to be. He was stabbed in the chest repeatedly, and there's all that blood. Logic would tell us that there isn't much chance that Jon Snow is still alive on Game of ThronesUnless somebody brings him back to life with magic. There have been numerous Jon Snow fan theories to explain his survival, and this latest, magical one might be the best one yet. Now, I know, I know, Game of Thrones deals with a lot of fantasy elements, but magic isn't really one of them. There aren't wizards and spells and that sort of thing. Melisandre is sort of a witch, but she's technically a fire priestess who has crazy visions and stuff. So, if there's no magic wands to be waived, how will Jon Snow be resurrected exactly?

A GoT super fan took the liberty of creating a video that splices together every scene from the show that hints at the return of magic to the Seven Kingdoms. The video starts with a speech that Maester Luwin gave Bran, in which he says: "Maybe magic once was a mighty force in the world but not anymore. The dragons are gone. The giants are dead. The children of the forest are gone.” Which is all well and good, except dragons aren't gone, giants aren't dead, and the children of the forest are very much still around, as Bran would come to find out.

The video is pretty convincing. Even if Jon Snow isn't resurrected, (because, who is even at the Wall that could pull that kind of thing off?), it definitely seems like magic is back. We have seen characters come back from the dead on this show before, as the video points out, and, if they're going to bring back any of the dozens of characters they've killed off, it absolutely needs to be Jon Snow. There has literally been a global outcry since the finale aired last summer. Even President Obama was upset about it. Snow is a beloved character, and, to be honest, one of the few truly good people on the show. He's the show's moral center. What would it become without him?

Hopefully, if the video is interpreting things correctly, and we'll never have to know what a Jon Snow free GoT would be like. Now, we'll just have to wait until April to see for sure.

Image: HBO