11 Websites Offering Free Shipping & Delivery By Christmas, So Get Shopping — PHOTOS

Shopping online is the best. Websites have way more merchandise than the stores do, you can compare prices from different stores without having to walk or drive from place to place, and you don't even have to get dressed. I mean, you really can't beat shopping from your bed in sweat pants, right? But such luxury comes at a cost: paying for shipping. And that's something I'm not down with. But if the thought of braving the mall the week before Christmas makes you want to run and hide, then choose one of the shops/websites offering free shipping before Christmas. Saving money makes for a seriously happy holiday.

The holidays can drain your bank account, and between worrying about rent/gas/food/etc., you definitely have to watch what you spend and keep your purchases under a budget. So there's literally nothing more frustrating than scoring a great deal on a present, only to add it to your shopping cart and realize that shipping tacked on $10 or more and now you're over budget. And that's if you shopped early enough to pay standard shipping — if you wait until the last minute, you might have to be even more for rush shipping. And apparently, that's pretty common. RetailMeNot just released their latest edition of the Shoppers Trend Report, and found that nearly 30 percent of consumers typically wait until the week of Christmas to do the majority of their holiday shopping.

But no worries, because plenty of stores/websites are offering free shipping before Christmas. Clearly, they know the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

1. Nordstrom


The popular retailer is offering free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve, so procrastinate freely!

2. Saks Fifth Avenue


Designer prices are a little more justified when you consider the shipping is free.

3. Shopbop


Not only are they offering free shipping, they offer free 3-day shipping as well as free returns.

4. Bloomingdales


Just make sure you hit up Bloomingdales before Dec. 22, because then you'll have to start paying for shipping.

5. H&M


Free delivery and it's guaranteed by Christmas. #Winning!

6. J.Crew


Shop by the Dec. 22 for free shipping and holiday delivery.

7. Madewell


Free shipping is good, but their discounts are even better.

8. Neiman Marcus


Neiman Marcus knows what's up — they're offering free rush delivery.

9. Net-a-Porter


Shop the luxury retailer and you'll get free 3-day shipping and returns.

10. Henri Bendel


Stock up on accessories — all orders qualify for free shipping.

11. Free People


Got a boho girl on your list? Free People's gotchu with free shipping.

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