How To Rock Glitter Brows This Holiday Season

by Alexa Tucker

The holiday season is a time for Christmas music, peppermint hot chocolate, and glitter. So much glitter. Sparkle makes a big statement when it's incorporated into your beauty look in an unexpected way — think eyebrows. Here's everything you need to know about how to get glitter brows, straight from expert Umbreen Sheikh, founder of NYC's Wink Brow Bar. This is definitely the one trend you'll want to rock before the end of the year.

If you decide to rock a glitter brow look at your next holiday celebration, be prepared to field some questions (and accept compliments, of course.) The look is sure to captivate fellow party-goers, so there's no hope in keeping your methods a secret. The holidays are for sharing, right? Even if all of your girls start adding a little sparkle to their arches, remember, you're a trendsetter now. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Glitter brows for all!

The look can get a tad messy if it's not done right, so experiment a little before the big event (or just for funsies.) Play with different color and types of glitter — just like eye shadow, there are endless possibilities. Here's what you need to know to craft your epic glitter brow look.

Start With A Great Base

Before you dive head-first into the glitter, make sure you're starting with a full, shapely brow. "Shade in your brows with a powder, using an angled brush for the most foolproof method," says Umbreen Sheikh. "For just a few sparse areas, tap the end of the brush (the pointed part) with a dab of color and gently tap onto the brow into the spotty area." Be sure to step back and look at the big picture every so often to make sure you're getting the look you want.

Apply The Glitter

After your basic brows are good to go, apply glitter base with an eye shadow brush to your entire brow to give the glitter something to stick to, according to a tutorial by Beautylish. Shiekh says that lash glue works just as well in a pinch. Then, using the eye shadow brush, apply loose glitter to your entire brow and press it in, leaning forward or using a tissue to avoid getting glitter all over you. Before the glue dries, repeat until your glitter-loving heart is satisfied, then do the other side.

This is where you can get creative — use a different glitter color for your second layer, try different glitter shapes and textures, and make your masterpiece your own. It's like an elementary school art project, all grown up.

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Decide On Your Vibe

Now that your brows are nice and sparkly, decide what you want the rest of your makeup look to be. Glitter brows make a major statement when the rest of your makeup is kept simple, especially when you're using a grown-up, flakey glitter. On the other hand, glitter brows look amazing in an ultra-glam look, too — think smoky eyes, bold lips, and over-the-top everything. 'Tis the season, right?

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