How Guys React To Old-School Sex Advice For Women

by Kristine Fellizar

There's no denying that old-school love advice for women, which tends to be completely sexist, heteronormative, etc, always seems to center around what a women should and shouldn’t do in order to land herself a husband. But if you’ve ever flipped through a magazine dictating the sex and dating rules you "should" be following, you should know that those rules are total B.S. After all, when it comes to dating, there shouldn’t be any sort of “rules.” We all want different things and different people, so you do you.

It’s almost 2016, so it’s easy to say that dating rules don’t necessarily apply. But back in the day, rules like making sure a man never feels “intellectually inadequate” were actually taken seriously — no matter how bizarre many of those rules seem to be.

In a couple of new Glamour videos, men react to sex advice women received back in the day. From making sure you always let the man order your food to complimenting him on his physical prowess and making sure his ego isn’t bruised, here’s what men think about the dating advice women have been given throughout history.

As one man noted, “Advice to women is very strange.” Isn’t that the truth? Here are some of the best reactions.

1. "Always Let Your Date Order Your Food"

According to this guy, no-go. In fact, “A girl that knows what she wants is very sexy.”

2. "Don't Drink Unless You Want To Look Easy"

“That is a terrible thing to say…So, if you drink too much, then you’re asking for it? Is that what it says?”

“Paraphrasing this quote into modern English: Drunk chicks be nasty?”

3. "Compliment Him On His Physical Prowess And Don't Insult Him"

“If I could be complimented on one thing, I would say my physical prowess because that would be really funny if I was like having trouble lifting something up and she was just like, ‘You’re so strong.’”

“Uhh…yeah, this is total bullsh*t…You bust balls, you bust balls. That’s cool. In fact, if that’s the kind of girl you are then f*ck it, you’re fine.”

“If you’re going out with The Rock then you could probably compliment him on his physical prowess for a while. If you’re going on a date with me, you can say like, ‘Cool beard,’ and then you’re kind of done.”

4. "Don't Be A Potty Mouth"

“What would that be? Just talking about each other’s dicks I guess?”

In short, this guy's reaction puts everything in perspective.

“It must’ve been so insane to be a woman in the fifties. It’s pretty insane to be a woman right now. Oh my God!”

Check out the full videos below:

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Images: Glamour